Facial cleansing can also be done at home

Proper skin care is impossible without cleansing procedures. Only a clean face without blackheads looks fresh and attractive. You can perform professional cleaning in a beauty salon or a beauty clinic.

But what if you need to do it often, but there is no opportunity for this? How is facial cleansing performed at home? What do you need to know before starting the procedure? These questions were answered by the cosmetologist of the Novoklinik network of Centers for Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology. Izabella Airapetova.

Why do you need a deep facial cleansing at home

The skin is in daily contact with the external environment. In large cities, it is negatively affected by exhaust fumes and smog. Its barrier function is perfect: it, like an ideal shield, retains toxins from the air and does not allow them to penetrate deep into tissues. Gradually, a plaque invisible to the eye forms on it, which worsens skin respiration, reduces the activity of recovery processes, worsens the appearance, makes the face dull and gray.

In this case, natural biological processes occur in the skin itself. It produces protective substances that help maintain moisture and tone the tissues. We are talking about a grease called sebum or secretion.

If the oily skin is normal, the amount of this secretion is sufficient only to ensure its functions. But often the fat content rises in response to external negative factors, stress, nutritional disorders. The secret is getting bigger. Outwardly, this is manifested by shine in the area of ​​the forehead, chin, cheeks. Often the secret becomes too viscous and cannot leave the sebaceous glands. As it thickens, it forms sebaceous plugs called comedones. The upper part of the cork exposed to air oxidizes and becomes dark. This is how black dots appear.

Inhabitants of large cities, the skin is prone to active pollution

The higher the oily skin, the greater the risk of imperfections on it. This problem is not typical for dry skin. Therefore, cleaning the pores of the face at home and in the salon is required for owners of different skin types at different intervals. If you are worried about rashes, there are noticeable black dots, the procedure should be performed more often - its frequency can be once every one and a half to two months. With normal fat content, you can resort to the procedure once every three to four months, and with a dry type of epidermis, it may be required only once a year.

During the procedure, the beautician removes from the surface of the face:

  • plaque;
  • keratinized skin scales;
  • black spots.

With the help of a tool or hands, it removes deep impurities from the pores.

“It is impossible to cleanse your face at home like in a salon,” says cosmetologist Izabella Airapetova. - Different cosmetics are used at home and in cosmetology clinics. Professional cosmetics cannot be bought in a store or even in a pharmacy, it can only be purchased from a beautician. And even if you buy everything, it is inconvenient to do the procedure itself, you are unlikely to be able to clean everything that needs to be removed. But if you need to put your face in order, make your skin cleaner and fresher, and there is no time to visit the salon, you can use home appliances. "

Proper facial cleansing at home - beautician technique

This technique does not pretend to be the effect of salon procedures, and its result will largely depend on cosmetics and accuracy during execution. Izabella Ayrapetova recommends following this protocol.

Home cleaning does not replace salon

1. Remove makeup. Use a suitable cleaning agent for this: micellar water, cleansing milk. For a high-quality removal of cosmetics, it is not enough just to wash with water or wipe your face with a tonic. As a rule, girls who do not remove cosmetics thoroughly every day and suffer from regular breakouts.

2. Cleanse your face. Use a product that suits your skin type. For normal - gel or foam for washing. For oily - products that cleanse to the sensation of "squeak", for dry - soft milk, leaving on the surface of the face a feeling of cream. Cleansers should be used daily, morning and evening. With regular thorough cleansing, the need for deep cleansing will decrease, as the tendency to breakouts and the appearance of blackheads will decrease.

3. Perform exfoliation. For this purpose, you can use a scrub or roll, which removes dead particles of the epidermis and allows you to open the mouths of the sebaceous glands to clean them. According to Isabella Airapetova, it is advisable to choose rolls for exfoliation, which are creamy products with active enzymes in the composition. They gently split the keratinized scales of the epidermis, and to remove them, it is enough to roll them with your fingertips. Scrubs work differently. They contain abrasive components that work like brushes. If you look at them under a microscope, you can see sharp edges that injure the skin, despite the fact that you do not feel this during the application of the product. Even for oily skin that you want to cleanse as thoroughly and "deeply" as possible, scrubs can be dangerous.

4. Use a product to loosen the epidermis. After washing and exfoliating, the skin is still not ready for mechanical cleaning of the face at home. It needs to be loosened to open the pores and facilitate the release of their contents. For this purpose, special hydrating agents are used in cosmetology. They are called hydrogels, cold steaming agents, softening gels. After applying this product, the epidermis will become loose enough to remove comedones and impurities from the pores.

5. Remove comedones. Put on gloves, take two cotton swabs, and gently press down on areas of your skin that have noticeable blackheads. You can use cotton pads to help extract the contents of the pores. Do not try to do this with your fingers and even more so with your nails, as long-lasting marks may remain on your face. Do not use metal objects - spoons or tweezers, as without calculating the pressing force, you can easily damage the epidermis. In addition, the non-sterile tweezers themselves can become a source of infection at the time and subsequent inflammation.

6. Apply the mask.

“You can choose a mask for cleansing your face at home from medicinal cosmetics,” advises Isabella Airapetova. - Look at the clay-based products available in pharmacies. Such compositions have a porosity, antiseptic effect and draw out comedones. "

Also, the specialist recommends having such a mask in your home cosmetic bag as an ambulance for the appearance of inflammatory elements. The composition can be applied to the inflammation locally overnight, and by the morning it will dry out, reduce the inflammatory process and draw out the contents of the element. The defect on the face will be less noticeable and will disappear faster without a trace.

An anti-inflammatory mask is worth having in your home cosmetic bag.

What not to do during the procedure

This technique is safe and effective. After it, the face will become fresh, lighter, pleasant to the touch and smooth. Noticeable imperfections and blackheads will disappear, leaving the skin well-groomed and neat. But at the same time, one should not make the mistakes that the cosmetologist points out. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting unexpected and unpleasant effects.

one. Steam your face at home before cleaning. Previously, facial steaming was widely used even in beauty salons. This technique was used to loosen the epidermis and facilitate the cleaning of the pores. Today, it has been abandoned in professional cosmetology, since it has been established that steaming increases the intensity of the manifestation of rosacea. After one or two procedures, you will not notice any harm, but if you steam your face often before cleaning, over time, the vascular network will become noticeable on the skin. And the face will become prone to rapid and slight reddening.

“Steaming injures blood vessels,” notes Isabella Airapetova, “causes the appearance of spider veins. It does not rejuvenate or decorate anyone. "

2. Use a vacuum. Vacuum cleaning of the face at home has become one of the available procedures, since the apparatus for performing it can be found commercially. But, according to the expert, vacuum acts as aggressively as steaming. In the course of work with a vacuum nozzle, a massive injury to the vessels occurs, which eventually leads to irreversible consequences. Spider veins will appear even in girls without a tendency to rosacea. And if the first signs of the disease are already there, they will only intensify.

3. Use harsh recipes for cleansing your face at home ... There are enough inexpensive and safe products on the market to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful. At the same time, home procedures can be dangerous. For example, using salt as a scrub. Salt crystals have sharp edges and severely injure the epidermis. After such scrubbing, micro-wounds may remain, and the risk of the appearance of age spots is seriously increased. Also, cleaning your face with soda at home should not be performed, this method has no professional justification. Soda can disrupt the hydrolipid skin barrier, lead to a violation of the acid-base balance, which, in turn, changes the composition of the epidermal microflora and can contribute to the development of rashes and inflammations.

Salt is not suitable for the face

Ultrasonic face cleaning at home

According to Isabella Ayrapetova, such cleaning of the house can be performed. It is relatively safe, since the device generates ultrasound waves that work only on the surface of the epidermis and do not penetrate deeply. The ultrasonic spatula without pressure can clean the skin on the forehead, cheeks, chin. It is inconvenient to work with it in the folds at the wings of the nose, on the nose, in the delicate area near the lips.

It is impossible to carry out ultrasonic cleaning with a "salon effect" on your own, since it will not be possible to "reach" with a spatula all the imperfections that the beautician will remove. In addition, the procedure itself is not a panacea for dirt and blackheads. This work is done well by modern cosmetics, which the specialist recommends using for mechanical cleansing of the face.

“If you do everything correctly and do not use dangerous means, the procedure does not imply risks,” notes Isabella Airapetova. - But I still recommend contacting a specialist. Cleaning is not the easiest procedure, and in order not to get undesirable effects and consequences, you need to entrust its implementation to a professional. "

According to cosmetologists, every woman, regardless of the condition of her skin and skin problems, needs to clean her face once every 2-3 months. Every second a woman's skin has to deal with a huge number of pathogenic agents - dust and pollution of the metropolis, microscopic remnants of cosmetics, and finally, natural skin secretions. These factors gradually clog the pores, contribute to the appearance of microinflammation and acne, lead to a deterioration in the condition of the blemish, a faded complexion and premature aging.

Facial cleansing by a beautician will not only eliminate possible problems in the future, but also visually rejuvenate the skin, make it even, smooth and radiant.

Facial cleansing: at home or in the salon?

It's no secret that many women do mechanical facial cleansing on their own. But its effectiveness, safety and "immunity" to possible unpleasant consequences directly depend on the competence of the person practicing the method. Unfortunately, getting rid of the consequences of improperly performed home cleaning is very difficult: inflammation, scars, scars are only a small part of the problems that you can face. Therefore, it is so important to trust your face only to a professional. A professional approach to facial care has a number of undeniable advantages.

In the arsenal of an experienced cosmetologist, as a rule, there is a good technical base, which makes it possible to work with each client individually, choosing the best option for cleansing the skin of the face. Everything is taken into account: the condition of the skin and the severity of the problem, the characteristics of the woman's body and her personal wishes. Having deep knowledge in the field of cosmetology, and having practical experience, the cosmetologist will never do anything that will harm. This means that the risk of negative reactions is minimized.

What salon methods of facial cleansing are popular today?

Mechanical cleaning

Facial cleansing in the salon: top 5 best methods

A method tested by millions of women, which, despite the emergence of more advanced and completely painless technologies, nevertheless, still retains its relevance. It is rightfully called the method of deep cleansing of the skin, which gives the deepest possible effect. Mechanical facial cleansing is carried out in the salon as follows: a qualified specialist prepares the skin for the procedure using a lotion that opens the pores, sometimes a steam bath is offered as an alternative. After that, it cleans the pores with hands or with a special spoon. At the end of the procedure, cosmetic therapy is a mask with a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Features of the procedure: this is a rather painful method, which has contraindications, it can lead to damage to the cover, infection and the formation of scars. But if you entrust the person to a qualified specialist, all the listed consequences can be avoided. After the procedure, you will have to follow the regime recommendations - treat the skin with anti-inflammatory drugs (lotion, tonic), apply a protective cream, refrain from using decorative cosmetics for some time. It is not worth planning mechanical cleaning on the eve of an important event, since it will take 2-3 days for the skin to recover.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning does an excellent job with greasy plugs, knocks out the dust of the metropolis from the pores and residues of decorative cosmetics that are resistant to cleaning agents. It has one more advantage: unlike the previous method, it is possible not only to painlessly remove impurities, but also to start the processes of skin restoration and natural repair. The micromassage that accompanies the procedure further polishes the skin and improves metabolism. At the end of the ultrasonic cleaning - a soothing mask.

Feature of the procedure: it is one of the most gentle skin cleansing methods. Painless, non-traumatic. Work on problem areas is carried out using a laser with high-frequency sound waves. After the procedure, there are no traces, swelling, red spotting. You can feel like a queen immediately upon its completion. But there are also disadvantages.

In terms of the depth of impact on the skin, this option is inferior to other methods, therefore, it may not be suitable for owners of oily or combination skin types, or it will have to be combined with other technologies.

Dry cleaning

Facial cleansing in the salon: top 5 best methods

It is one of the safest methods of skin cleansing, but only a highly qualified master should carry out the procedure. Since dry face cleaning is still a rather aggressive procedure, evading the protocol for its implementation and exceeding the permissible concentration of the active substance are fraught with bad reactions, up to burns of the epidermis.

The principle of the procedure is based on the effect of fruit acids and other chemical components. The most commonly used drugs are retinol, enzymes, glycolic and retinoic acids. During the action of the reagent on the skin, the bonds between dead cells are destroyed, they are removed, and the structure of sebum changes. All this allows you to effectively cleanse the skin of cosmetic imperfections, add freshness and youthful colors to it. Wrinkles are smoothed out, the complexion becomes healthy and radiant.

Features of the procedure: after the procedure, the vulnerability of the skin to the effects of ultraviolet radiation is noticeably increased. Therefore, you need to use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Deep chemical peeling is strictly prohibited at home, since it is a medical procedure that requires prior training and absolute knowledge of the technique.

Vacuum cleaning

Facial cleansing in the salon: top 5 best methods

Vacuum cleaning of the skin is carried out using a special device with several replaceable attachments. Depending on the area of ​​the skin to be treated, a beak-shaped tip (for working with oily areas), a flat tip (wrinkle correction) and a round tip (improving lymph flow) are used. The device creates a negative pressure in the cavity of the nozzle - "vacuum cleaner effect", due to which the cover is cleansed - acne is removed, sebum is drawn out, pores are cleaned.

Features of the procedure: the advantages of this method include its low invasiveness and minimal risk of infection. Thanks to the effect of the device, the skin is cleansed and saturated with oxygen, its tone and elasticity increase, it visually tightens and becomes more youthful. But it is not worth practicing vacuum skin cleansing for women with dry sensitive skin and the presence of rosacea, since the device has a drainage effect and skin damage is possible. Also, women with numerous inflammations on the face and acne during an exacerbation should refrain from this technique.

Laser cleaning

This is a conditional method of cleansing the skin, since it pursues other, more ambitious goals. It is called heavy artillery in the struggle for youth and beauty of the skin. Cleansing the cover is a good bonus to the processes of renewal of connective tissue, getting rid of scars and age spots. Laser peeling is performed under local anesthesia, after preliminary application of a special moisturizing solution to the skin.

Features of the procedure: to practice laser skin cleansing is possible only in the "cloudy" season, since the activity of the sun's rays can cause hyperpigmentation on the cleansed skin. For two weeks after the procedure, reddening of the skin may persist, you will have to comply with the regime requirements - use special restorative agents, minimize the application of makeup and perform it with gentle means, abandon alcohol-containing compounds. The reward "for endurance" will be a pronounced rejuvenating effect and healthy blooming skin.

Expert commentary

Viktoria Petrovna Shteba, dermatocosmetologist Apollonia Dental Clinic

Viktoria Petrovna Shteba, dermatocosmetologist Apollonia Dental Clinic

Facial cleansing is periodically necessary for everyone, since this procedure heals the skin, removes layers of keratinized epithelium, sebaceous plugs, comedones, stimulates, smoothes wrinkles, gives the skin a fresh, radiant look.

But first of all, this procedure is recommended for people with problematic, oily skin. It is best to do the cleaning with a specialist - beautician, since he can choose the right type of cleaning, or which combination of methods is most suitable for you: manual, brossage, vacuum, ultrasonic, and so on.

You will be given enough time (which is always not enough at home) for the high-quality execution of all the necessary stages of cleaning: cleansing the skin, opening the pores, cleaning itself, disinfecting, applying skin-type care products. Agree, at home there is always not enough time, patience, and sometimes knowledge, so the results of self-cleaning are not always pleasing to us: red spots, new inflammatory elements on the skin. The doctor will do everything Lege Artis, that is, according to all the rules of art. The procedure does not require special preparation, only after it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of the cosmetologist about proper care and sun protection.

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What is deep face cleansing

Today, malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands and excess production of sebum is a problem that is relevant for 80% of women in large cities. There are plenty of reasons for this - a bad environment, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet, hormonal disruptions, and much more. The bottom line is that the skin starts to look worse and worse. Blackheads and blackheads appear (they are also called comedones), greasy shine, pores expand, the face loses its attractiveness.

To cope with these problems, you need regular cosmetic procedures that help eliminate excess oil and impurities - the so-called deep facial cleansing.

Feature of the

There are many methods, some of them are available only in the salon, but it is more than realistic to put the skin in order on your own. To do this, you need a Uno spoon - a professional tool. Also, if you wish, you can see portable versions of cosmetology devices. Such, for example, as devices for ultrasonic peeling (it is also called a scruber), galvanotherapy or vacuum cleaning. You don't have to buy everything, check out the technologies and choose what suits you best. The price of these devices is different and fluctuates around 2000-8000 rubles, depending on the model.

You will also have to take care of the complete decontamination of your hands, instruments, facial skin and the place where you sit to carry out the procedure. Sterility is important - it is not difficult to get an infection.

Check out the list of contraindications and make sure that the procedure is harmless for you. Examine your skin carefully for inflammation, abscesses, and open wounds at the treatment sites. Postpone the session until everything has healed, otherwise you risk worsening your skin condition. To help clear up acne, you can treat it with tea tree oil or salicylic acid. But I strongly do not recommend squeezing them out!

In the salon, I or any other cosmetologist who deals with you is responsible for identifying contraindications. He will examine you and ask you about your health. When you do a deep facial cleansing at home, the responsibility falls entirely on you.

Operating principle

Deep cleaning at home, like a similar salon procedure, is aimed at removing the stratum corneum and excess grease, comedones and other defects. To do this, the skin is first disinfected and subjected to a special treatment that allows the pores to open.

Then it is cleaned of plugs and excess fat using manual tools, sometimes in combination with hardware methods. After that, the skin calms down, and it's time to close. The result is a fresh and healthy look, even tone and beautiful color.

Indications for the procedure

I recommend to cleanse your face at home on your own to all my clients with oily and combination skin. This hygienic procedure serves as the prevention of more serious problems, with which you will definitely have to go to a beautician.

Therefore, keep an eye on your face and cleanse regularly if your skin:

  • excessively oily;
  • prone to acne and rashes;
  • covered with clogged pores, greasy plugs.

And ordinary cleansing masks and products do not help.


To make a deep facial cleansing at home, you need to adhere to the same basic rules by which a beautician does it in a salon. The procedure is carried out in three main stages:

  • skin preparation;
  • actually - cleaning;
  • soothing and revitalizing treatments.

To enhance the effect, you can carry out some additional manipulations, which I will discuss below.


Cleaning your face at home does not require any special training. This procedure, in principle, cannot be particularly traumatic. The only thing worth remembering is disinfection. Remember to treat your hands and tools with an antiseptic.


First of all, wash your face, rid your skin of cosmetics and surface impurities. You can apply a cleansing mask and do a light exfoliation. A popular ingredient in folk recipes is soda. Various ingredients are added to it, depending on the type and condition of the skin, then the composition is applied to the face with massage movements and left for 8 minutes. If the skin is dry, soda is mixed with milk, combined or age-related - with honey, oily - with hydrogen peroxide in a 1: 1 ratio.

You can also cleanse your greasy skin with a salt scrub. Salt is mixed with cucumber grated into gruel in equal proportions. This composition is massaged into the face for a minute, and then left on the skin for another seven as a mask. Then they are washed off. Often, a scrub made from freshly ground coffee and sour cream is also used.


After peeling, the skin of the face must be steamed so that the pores open, and the grease and impurities soften and easily come out during cleansing. At home, this can be done as follows. Take a large saucepan and boil water in it along with the chamomile. Then cover your head with a towel and hold your face over the steam for 10-20 minutes. When doing this, be careful and keep a comfortable distance so as not to burn yourself.

If you find it uncomfortable to steam your face, you can use a hot towel soaked in the same herbal tea instead. Chamomile is a natural antiseptic, it will open pores and have a soothing effect on the skin.

After steaming, remove the remaining moisture with a napkin, and treat a dry face with an antiseptic. Now you can start deep cleansing your skin.


There are many recipes for home remedies to combat pollution. One of the most popular is a gelatin film mask with activated carbon. Its ingredients are readily available from pharmacies and regular grocery stores and are inexpensive.

Take a tablet of black activated carbon and grind it, mix with one teaspoon of gelatin and two - water, beat thoroughly. Then preheat by putting in the microwave or steam bath for fifteen seconds. Apply the mask to problem areas and leave to dry completely, then remove.

Deep cleansing of the face at homeReviews for this tool give the best. When you remove it, everything remains on the surface of the black film, even deep dirt.

Manual cleaning

If the charcoal mask still does not help and a couple of deep comedones remain on the skin, they can be removed manually. Many people crush blackheads with their fingers, but I recommend purchasing a Uno spoon - a tool that I myself use in my work. It is inexpensive, and will not lie idle if you decide to cleanse your face regularly.

It is better to work with gloves, and the device must be disinfected with a special antiseptic alcohol-containing agent or banal vodka. The standard Uno spoon has two tips - one with a strainer and the other with a single hole in the center.

The first is used to cleanse the entire area of ​​the face from excess sebum. They are smoothly guided over the skin, gently pressing and adhering to the massage lines.

The second tip in the form of a spoon with a hole comes to the rescue when it is necessary to get rid of individual deep-seated dirt. It is necessary to install the device in such a way that the head of the sebaceous plug looks out into the hole in the spoon and press down. A column of subcutaneous fat will easily come out. In the process of cleaning, the removed fat must be removed, and the instrument must be wiped with a cotton pad moistened with a disinfectant.

Narrowing of pores

After deep manual cleansing, the skin needs to be soothed. Here again, a compress based on a decoction of chamomile and other medicinal herbs will come to the rescue. A mask of raw potatoes and cucumber will give a good effect. The ingredients need to be broken into a gruel using a blender and applied to the face for 15 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water.

The final touch is to narrow the enlarged pores. If this is not done, the skin will quickly become inflamed and contaminated again. To do this, freshly squeezed lemon juice is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2 and the face is treated with it, especially the holes left after the removal of comedones.

You can also apply chlorhexidine-soaked gauze compresses to these areas and leave them for half an hour. After they are removed, and the treated areas are sprinkled with talcum powder. And so they leave it overnight.

Skin care and recovery

After a session of deep cleansing of the face at home, the skin must be protected from ultraviolet radiation for 3-5 days. Refrain from going to the beach and solarium, avoid aggressive influences, do not go to the sauna and do not allow strenuous physical activity.

To consolidate the result after the procedure, pamper your skin with moisturizing masks and creams.

What procedures is combined with

Manual procedures give a good effect in combination with hardware procedures. At home, you can complete a deep cleansing session by treating your face with the Darsonval device. The average price for it is kept at the level of 3000-4000 rubles. It acts on the skin with high-frequency impulse currents. As a result, microcirculation accelerates, skin tone evens out, pores tighten, and sebaceous glands begin to work better.

Manual cleaning is well combined with ultrasonic peeling. You can also buy a device for it in a specialized store. In this case, the treatment with the apparatus is done manually before cleansing, and a special gel is applied to the skin before the procedure, which improves the conductivity of the waves.

It is a completely painless process and helps to get rid of surface impurities. The deep "plugs" remaining after ultrasonic treatment can be removed manually.


I already wrote above that deep cleaning is not recommended for those who have abscesses, inflammation and open wounds on the face, such as abrasions, scratches, cuts. In addition, a contraindication will be:

  • individual intolerance to individual components of those products that you are going to use during the procedure;
  • skin diseases;
  • burns;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • irritation, severe peeling on the skin.

Deep cleansing should also be done with caution for those with dry skin. You cannot use aggressive formulations, only mild ones. And after the session, you must certainly apply a nourishing cream to your face.

If you have rosacea - it is strictly not recommended to steam and use a Uno spoon! Use gentle gentle cleaners and a portable ultrasonic peel to clean your face at home. This is one of the few procedures you are allowed to do.

Possible complications

If you did not take into account my recommendations and did a cleaning on the inflamed skin, after it the situation may become worse. The infection will spread and you will have to seek medical attention.

Allergic reactions and various problems triggered by cleaning contrary to contraindications are also likely. If the Uno spoon is mishandled, bruises may form.


Going to the salon is certainly more pleasant, but if this is not possible, it is quite possible to cope with excess grease and dirt on your own, at home.

Observe the requirements for disinfection, acquire the necessary tools, strictly adhere to the technology, cleanse regularly - and your skin will be in excellent condition even without the help of a cosmetologist.

The technique for cleansing your face at home is quite simple and does not require special tools. If you adhere to hygiene and correctly perform all the manipulations, then a positive result is guaranteed.

  • The skin prepared with a scrub is first steamed over hot water, preferably with the addition of medicinal infusions. For dry and problem skin, wormwood, yarrow, rosemary are recommended, for oily skin - chamomile, horsetail, mint.

A steam bath is prepared as follows: a pot of boiling water is placed on the table and a head covered with a terry towel is tilted over it (so that the steam does not cool). After 15 minutes, the skin is ready to clean.

The pores are cleaned with disinfected fingers (not nails!), Pressing on each comedo from both sides. You can wrap your fingers with a bandage. Well-opened pores are easily cleared of the contents. Periodically, the face is wiped with hydrogen peroxide.

Finish the procedure by wiping with a tonic containing alcohol. This narrows the pores. And the final touch - moisturizing the skin dried by previous procedures with an ordinary moisturizer.

Stages of cleansing your face at home

High-quality facial cleansing at home is possible if the skin is problem-free. If you have a tendency to blockage, rashes, irritations, it is better to visit a beauty salon and trust the professionals.

When cleaning yourself, it is important to adhere to the sequence. To do this, experts recommend performing seven stages of facial cleansing at home.

Removal of dirt, grease, residues of cosmetics is carried out with a sponge: with the help of milk - for dry skin, gel - for oily skin. Then the skin is rubbed with a tonic.

The skin is steamed over a saucepan of boiling water, being careful not to burn yourself. (Professionals call the procedure the term "vaporization" and use a special apparatus or means for "cold steaming"). 15 minutes of exposure to steam perfectly opens the pores and facilitates the easy removal of grease plugs. It is useful to add a series of boiling water, chamomile (one and a half to two tablespoons of dry raw materials per liter of water).

It is carried out with a scrub or peeling, depending on the type of skin. After applying the product, gently massage the skin and rinse with warm water.

Press on comedones with clean hands treated with alcohol - carefully, but carefully.

Even gentle hand squeezing will injure the skin. To prevent infection with pathogenic microflora, the person is treated with hydrogen peroxide or calendula tincture.

Performed by applying a mask. At home, white clay is suitable.

The effect is achieved by applying a moisturizing mask suitable for a specific skin type.

Ultrasonic face cleaning at home

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face at home using a scrubber is much more effective than previous methods. Principle of action: microvibration from ultrasound spreads to the surface layer, providing a complex effect on the skin:

  • expands pores;
  • eliminates dead epidermis;
  • removes comedones without pressure;
  • stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph;
  • improves skin tone;
  • increases antiseptic properties.

Cleaning is carried out in stages. There is no need to steam the skin: it is cleaned with cosmetic substances (milk, gel), rubbing with a sponge and washing off the remains (with a warm compress or water). Next, toning is carried out, that is, it is again wiped with a cotton swab soaked in tonic.

Immediately before the procedure, the skin is sprinkled with mineral water or a gel is applied to conduct ultrasonic waves. The final stage is the application of the regenerating cream. The cream is selected depending on the type of skin, although the actual cleaning with ultrasound can be carried out on any skin and in any season, since it does not provoke sensitivity to ultraviolet light. The procedure takes up to 15 minutes.

Cleaning should be done regularly, at individual intervals. The big advantage of this method of cleansing your face at home is that after it there is no redness and other consequences.

UV peeling is often referred to as a weekend treatment; it helps to quickly put the face in order before an important meeting or other event.

Vacuum face cleaning at home

The device for vacuum face cleansing looks like a tube with a nozzle; its principle of operation is reverse air circulation, which draws the skin into the device. That is, the skin is not subjected to pressure, but to attraction to the device. Due to the retraction, active cleansing of the pores, high-quality superficial cleansing of healthy skin, as well as lymphatic drainage massage occur.

Before buying a device for vacuum cleaning your face at home, make sure you have no contraindications. These include:

  • thin skin prone to bruising;
  • inflammation of the dermis and rashes;
  • deep comedones;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage.

Cleaning your face at home with a vacuum device lasts about an hour and a half. Before the procedure, the skin is steamed to open the pores. The device is moved along the face along the circular axes, providing a soft, minimally invasive, painless manipulation.

The positive effect is noted immediately and lasts for at least a month. In addition to eliminating keratinities and plugs, vacuum procedures stimulate microcirculation, normalize sebaceous and sweat glands, narrow pores, increase elasticity, smooth the structure, refresh and moisturize the skin.

Steam facial cleaning at home

Before carrying out steam cleansing of the face at home, the skin is washed with gel or cosmetic milk, then a scrub is applied, massaged for several minutes, and then washed off. The water should be warm, the scrub can be made at home or bought ready-made. It is important that the grains of the product are small and delicate.

For effective steaming, the face is kept over boiled water for 10 to 15 minutes. Cover the tilted head with a terry towel. Medicinal herbs (mint, chamomile) added to boiling water increase the effect of this method of cleansing the face at home.

The steamed skin is rubbed with hydrogen peroxide, hands - with some alcohol tincture. Press with the pads of your fingers, not your nails, so as not to injure the skin. You can wrap a bandage around your index fingers to prevent infections. You should not squeeze out unripe blackheads: it is better to leave them for next time.

During the procedure, the face is rubbed with peroxide several times. After completing the manipulations, the pores must be narrowed with a tonic with alcohol, and then moisturized with a cream. Steam face cleaning at home is done every two months.

Galvanic face cleansing at home

Galvanic facial cleansing is a relatively new but increasingly popular salon procedure. Especially suitable for oily skin with an abundance of blackheads and acne.

Galvanic face cleansing at home is also available. For this, a galvanic device and a special gel are purchased (it can be replaced with a soda solution). The device is used after washing and cleansing the face; complete the manipulations with a nourishing and moisturizing mask.

The bottom line is that a weak current, passing through the sweat and sebaceous ducts, causes their contents to react with the gel that is used for the procedure. A soapy solution is formed, which carries out all the dirt. Such facial cleansing at home is carried out no more than twice a month.


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • oncopathology;
  • dry skin;
  • inflammation on the face;
  • the presence of cardiovascular problems;
  • metal implants in the head and neck area.

Attention should also be paid to the subsequent care: on the first day, cosmetics should not be applied to the face, in particular, foundation.

Hollywood facial cleansing at home

Hollywood facial cleansing at home also has a simpler name: rolling. It is used for oily and combination skin; such procedures are contraindicated for dry and prone to inflammation of the skin.

  • Rolling is carried out using calcium chloride (5 - 10% solution) from an ampoule and baby soap. With a moistened sponge, we wipe the skin along the massage lines, after absorption, we repeat the procedure - and so on up to eight times. A slight tingling sensation should be felt on the skin; if a burning sensation is felt, the substance should be urgently washed off.

After the last layer has dried, rub the soap with lightly soaped fingers, along the same lines, until the "pellets" are formed. If necessary, moisturize and soap your fingers; we stop manipulating when the skin starts to "creak". Finally, wash your face thoroughly.

The mechanism of action of this method of cleansing the face at home is the chemical interaction of soap and calcium chloride. As a result, potassium and sodium chloride plus insoluble Ca salt is formed, which, when "rolling", removes dead cells of the epidermis.

Provides gentle superficial exfoliation. However, to prevent redness and dryness, a moisturizing and nourishing mask is applied to the face after cleansing.

Recipes for cleansing your face at home

There are many ingredients and masks for cleansing your face at home. We offer several recipes.

  1. Mix coffee grounds with yogurt or sour cream (spoon each). Apply gruel to the face, massage for a minute or two, rinse with water. You can use both fresh coffee and prepared for future use coffee grounds, well dried and stored in a dry jar.
  2. Oatmeal mask: steam a spoonful of oatmeal with boiling water, apply the gruel to the face, massage for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. The mask effectively cleans pores, removes keratinized particles and oil, refreshes the skin. You can grind the oatmeal in a coffee grinder. For dry and normal skin, it is useful to replace water with milk; for oily - add a few drops of lemon juice.
  3. An orange scrub is made from orange peel and semolina: the grated peel is mixed with a tablespoon of semolina (you can replace it with starch or flour). With dry skin, dilute with milk, with oily skin - with orange juice.
  4. A starchy recipe for cleansing your face at home: a handful of starch (or flour) is poured onto a gauze flap, a ball is made and moistened with water. Massage the face with a wet ball. For dry skin, vegetable oil is added to soften the skin and relieve irritation.

Cleaning your face with honey at home

Honey tones, moisturizes, strengthens the skin, therefore it has long been used in cosmetology, including for cleansing the face at home.

How to cleanse your face with honey at home? We offer two recipes: honey itself and honey mask mixed with other ingredients.

For cleaning in the first way, liquid honey is applied in a thin layer along the massage lines and lightly rubbed in a circular motion. It is better to protect the area near the eyes from accidental contact with a nourishing cream. When the honey "dries up", that is, thickens, it is removed with a damp cloth. Together with the remnants of the substance, dirt, dead epidermis and all excess that prevents the skin from breathing and absorbing useful components are removed. Already the first procedure has an excellent effect on the condition of the face.

  • A honey mask is prepared as follows: vegetable oil (50 g), white clay, pollen crushed in a mortar and honey are mixed and infused for an hour. Apply to face, wash off after 10 minutes. The procedure is recommended to be repeated weekly. The mask cleanses, smoothes and tightens the skin.

Facial cleansing with calcium chloride at home

Cleansing the face with calcium chloride at home is carried out in almost the same way as in beauty salons. In addition to calcium chloride, baby soap or lather is used. Cleaning is based on a chemical reaction: soap, like an alkali, interacts with a solution of calcium chloride, as a result of which a precipitate of calcium salts of carboxylic acids and sodium chloride are formed.

  • Calcium chloride (pharmaceutical preparation) is applied with a sponge to the face along the massage lines, in a small amount, bypassing the periocular zone and upper lip. After drying, the manipulation is repeated up to 4 - 8 times.
  • Then it is treated with soap: rubbed with fingers or a sponge until pellets form (this is the precipitate of salts) and "creak".
  • The final stage is rinsing off the reagents with warm water and moistening the treated areas.

The advantages of this method are affordability and efficiency. Disadvantages - the likelihood of the formation of necrotic lesions in the presence of wounds and other defects on the skin.

The chemical method of cleansing the face at home is contraindicated for people with thin skin, hypersensitivity to chemicals, allergy sufferers, pregnant and lactating women.

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Aspirin face cleaning at home

Using aspirin to clean your face at home has several advantages:

  • the procedure is effective for severe skin problems;
  • additional ingredients make it possible to cleanse any skin;
  • periodic procedures keep the skin clean, even, fresh;
  • the risk of inflammation decreases, resistance increases;
  • the procedure requires a minimum investment of time and money.

It is forbidden to clean the face with aspirin, at home and in the salon, during pregnancy and lactation, allergies, individual intolerance, infectious diseases and damage to the skin.

To prepare the cleaning agent, use a powder obtained from aspirin tablets (acetylsalicylic acid). Lotion, lemon juice, white clay and water, yogurt are added to recipes for oily and problem skin; for dry, normal or sensitive - oatmeal, jojoba oil, honey, olive oil. It is important to select substances according to the type of skin so as not to get unwanted effects.

Use only conventional tablets, without shell and impurities. If you are prone to allergies, a test on the elbow is recommended.


Cleansing your face with acids at home

Facial cleansing with acids is a fruit peeling. The remedy is long-standing and effective; used to remove the stratum corneum and prevent premature wilting. Cleansing your face with acids at home is suitable for both dry and oily skin.

Fruit acids normalize the activity and composition of the secretion of the sweat glands, cleanse the ducts from ballast, eliminating the soil for inflammation and rashes. The skin cleared in this way assimilates useful components better, renews itself, gets rid of pigmentation defects. Fruit cleansing is recommended in the presence of fine wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, stretch marks, acne, comedones.

In salons, a peeling cocktail is used - a mixture of acids, sometimes with the addition of components of a different kind (vitamins A, E, hyaluronic acid). Each subsequent procedure provides for an increase in the concentration of active substances and a decrease in the duration of the application. The beautician monitors the process to prevent burns.

For cleansing the face at home, the following acids are used at 20-25% concentration:

  • apple,
  • dairy,
  • lemon,
  • wine,
  • glycolic.

You can use both ready-made mixtures and prepared yourself, for example, combine sour cream or sour milk with ground bran or oatmeal. With regular use, the effect will live up to expectations.

Manipulations with acids are contraindicated for all types of inflammation and skin damage, infectious and allergic diseases. Like other types of chemical peels, fruit peeling is best done during periods of inactive sun to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Facial cleansing at home with activated charcoal

Activated carbon is a product of burning various types of wood. In addition to medicinal, it also has cosmetic properties. Cleansing the face at home with activated charcoal is based on these beneficial qualities.

The charcoal mask is effective for skin at any age. After the procedure, the skin becomes less oily and smoother, comedones and foci of inflammation disappear, and deep cleansing of the pores from dirt occurs.

Depending on the specific purposes, the following is added to activated carbon:

  • cosmetic clay;
  • gelatin and milk;
  • yogurt;
  • rose water;
  • aloe juice, tea tree oil and sea salt.

The classic charcoal mask is a mixture of crushed black tablets (2 pcs.) With filtered water. Apply after a hot bath. The mask heals inflammation, dries, normalizes the sebaceous glands, deeply cleanses the skin. The course of application is one and a half months (the mask is made every 6 days). The next course of facial cleansing at home begins in two months.

Salt face cleaning at home

Salt at home cleaning the face is especially popular with women, which can be done every week and more often. Soda is added to the scrub mask in equal proportions with salt.

The diluted soda-salt mixture is applied to the face, smeared with milk or gel for washing until a foam is formed. After a two-minute light massage, especially in the area of ​​accumulation of blackheads, leave for a few minutes, then rinse off. Tingling of the skin during the procedure indicates the effective interaction of baking soda with the skin. Then the face is rubbed with a tonic.

Regular soda-salt face cleansing at home removes blackheads, leaves the skin clean, matte and well-groomed.

Cleaning your face with coffee grounds at home

The coffee mask perfectly cleans, tones, nourishes the skin. Due to the presence in the composition of caffeine, carotenoids, antioxidants, the face becomes cleaner, younger, fresher. Home cleansing with coffee grounds is indicated for mature, aging, wrinkled skin of any type. This method of cleansing your face at home is not recommended for some problems:

  • allergies,
  • diseases of the skin and blood,
  • very delicate and vulnerable skin.

For cleaning, both ground coffee and sleeping coffee grounds are used. But there is a nuance: thermally processed grounds have a more gentle abrasive effect than ground coffee; it requires careful handling so as not to injure the epithelium with solid particles.

  • A coffee mask is applied to a steamed face (it can also be applied to the neck, décolleté, elbows, knees, feet), massaged for a minute or two, washed off with settled or still water, tincture of chamomile or calendula. The procedure is carried out 1–2 times a week.

To enhance the effect of coffee, you can add sea salt, sugar, sour cream, butter or honey.

Salicylic acid facial cleansing at home

For oily and problem skin, face cleansing with salicylic acid is indicated - at home it is an affordable procedure. When choosing a drug, it is important to pay attention to the concentration of the active ingredient and the presence of additional substances. The most popular are 15% and 30% salicylic masks. It is good that fruit acid is included in the composition, as well as lactic acid to even out the color.

In order for salicylic acid to cleanse pores and not surface dirt, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before cleaning your face at home. Apply and maintain the finished mask according to the instructions.

  • A salicylic mask is easy to prepare with your own hands, for example, from a pharmacy pill and honey. Dissolve the tablet in water, add a little soda and half a teaspoon of honey. Mix, apply to problem areas, rinse off after five minutes.

Redness after the procedure is normal and will go away soon. Do not use the drug in the presence of rashes, inflammation, individual intolerance to certain ingredients.

Clay face cleansing at home

For cleansing the face at home, cosmetic clays of different colors are used:

  • white,
  • black,
  • pink,
  • green,
  • red,
  • blue.

Black - universal, masks made of it are suitable for any skin. Cosmetic properties consist in "pulling" from deep layers of toxins and dirt. At first, cleaning your face with clay at home can provoke redness and rashes, which, however, disappear after several procedures.

Clay is diluted with warm water until creamy, applied for 10 minutes and washed off. It is useful to use chamomile flowers (they are pre-steamed).

Masks can be combined with a gentle massage: rub the slightly dried clay with wet fingers, as a result of which it rolls off, absorbing dirt and keratinized cells. The remaining clay is washed off with water.

Facial cleansing with oil at home

For cleansing the face with oil at home, vegetable oils and their combinations are used. They contain fatty acids that are not produced in the body, but are essential for beautiful skin.

Oil cleansing is a versatile, affordable and safe way to cleanse your face at home: suitable for everyone, gently removes makeup, perfectly nourishes and moisturizes. The disadvantages include the duration and laboriousness of the process, the cost of napkins and towels that quickly deteriorate from oil.

Castor oil is a universal base for the cleaning mixture. It is suitable for procedures and in its pure form. The choice of other oils depends on the type and condition of the skin:

  • for oily and problematic flaxseed, almond, jojoba;
  • for wilting - peach, grape, wheat germ;
  • for dry - cocoa butter, walnut, grape seed, wheat germ.

For very dry skin, it is useful to take olive oil as a basis.

Oil at room temperature is applied to a slightly steamed face (moisten with warm water), rub in with palms for two minutes and leave for another half minute. It should be wiped gradually - with flannel, moistening in hot water (40 degrees) as it cools. Home oil facial cleansing is effective when applied twice a week.

Body cleansing at home

Bodyaga acts as a powerful exfoliator, vasodilator and wrinkle-smoothing agent. Therefore, with skin prone to irritation, cleansing the face with a body wash at home is not recommended.

Gruel is prepared from bodyagi powder and hydrogen peroxide (3% solution), applied in a thin layer for 15 minutes. The resulting burning sensation must be endured, as well as the subsequent redness. This is a natural reaction to manipulation. The rush of blood disappears after a while, and together with the remnants of the mask, horniness and impurities are removed. Next, you need to apply a moisturizer.

There is also a gel for cleansing the face at home, based on the body. It has a very delicate effect and does not require mixing with other ingredients.

Home scrub

The advantages of home scrubs are simplicity and ease of preparation, natural ingredients. You can choose the composition taking into account the individuality of your skin.

When using a scrub for cleansing your face at home, you must first prepare the skin: clean it with special cosmetics and steam it. After applying the scrub, the face is massaged and then the remnants of the product are washed off - along with fat and dead epithelium. Finally, a nourishing cream is applied.

For a home scrub, substances with an abrasive effect are used:

  • sugar,
  • salt,
  • soda,
  • sea ​​salt,
  • coffee,
  • honey,
  • cereals,
  • oatmeal,
  • fruits (apple, avocado, orange).

At first glance, the sugar and salt particles are large and prickly, but in the process they quickly round up and become softer.

For dry skin, it is useful to add vegetable oil, moisturizer to sugar. Oily skin feels good if milk and oatmeal are added to granulated sugar, and a few drops of lemon juice give the scrub whitening properties.

The original recipe is the addition of cocoa powder: this scrub makes the face look fresh.

One of the best home remedies is a coffee scrub, combined with honey, yogurt, sour cream, and shower gel. It is especially effective for oily and combination skin.

The most popular cereal scrubs are: rice and buckwheat - for normal and oily skin; rolled oats and bran - for dry skin. The cereals need to be ground and mixed: in the first case - with honey, in the second - with orange or almond oil.

The most delicate is homemade flour or starch scrub. Suitable even for very sensitive skin, especially with the addition of vegetable oil.

Apple pulp is also used as a scrub: a half of the fruit cut and peeled from the face is massaged until the pulp is rubbed off. The active ingredient is malic acid, which removes dead cells, cleans pores, and removes toxins.

It is becoming more and more popular to clean the face at home with the help of an avocado: the fruit with the skin is rubbed on a grater and a ready-made scrubbing gruel is obtained.

Sugar facial cleansing at home

The cosmetic properties of sweet sand are due to the presence of monosaccharides, tensins, glycolic acid, which:

  • stimulate the protective layer;
  • restore individual fibers;
  • activate the production of collagen and elastin;
  • retain moisture;
  • normalize the sebaceous glands.

And even create a tanning effect!

Only fine sand is used to cleanse the face with sugar at home. Course - 10 procedures, they can be continued after a two-week pause. Owners of an oily face need two cleanings a week, the rest need only one procedure.

The right ingredients are added to the recipes, depending on the type and condition of the skin. Ideal for all cases of eggnog for cleansing the face at home, and additional ingredients are determined by the condition of the skin:

  • yolk with a spoonful of sugar is good for dry skin;
  • protein - fatty;
  • the whole egg, with two tablespoons of sand, is used for normal skin.

To improve the color, use cottage cheese with sugar and honey (pororn).

Banana puree with sugar and ghee refreshes dry skin, and replacing honey with whipped protein makes an excellent remedy for oily skin.

Hardware facial cleansing at home

Regular home care and facial cleansing eliminates the need to visit expensive salons. For hardware cleaning of the face at home, special devices are produced: electric brushes, vacuum and ultrasonic devices.

  1. The electric brush cleans with nylon bristles with round polished tips. They differ in volume, rigidity, length. The device models have several operating speeds and modes that can be alternated for daily use. Use a brush with a waterproof housing also in the shower. The brush removes blackheads and oily sheen, with regular use, it provides renewal of the epithelial layer.

Popular electric brush models: Clarisonic Mia 2, Philips VisaPure, Mary Kay Skinvigorate.

  1. The vacuum cleaning machine helps to get rid of blackheads and acne, scars and cellulite. The device provides several effects:
  • removes comedones and horniness;
  • relieves the epithelium of toxins and toxins;
  • cleans sebaceous ducts;
  • stimulates skin respiration;
  • relieves swelling and pigmentation;
  • evens out texture and complexion.

Brands: Gezatone Super Wet Cleaner, Panasonic EN2513.

  1. The ultrasonic hardware procedure "knocks out" excess from the skin due to the resonance effect. For home procedures, an apparatus with a frequency of 25 kHz is used, which does not injure the skin; more powerful devices are intended for professional use only.

The useful effect of the device is that ultrasound heats the skin, as a result of which the pores expand and are better cleaned. The procedure provides a massaging effect: improves blood and lymph circulation, improves tone, stimulates the formation of elastin and collagen. Black spots disappear on the face, it looks younger and fresher.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, people with cancer, nervous disorders, hypertension, skin diseases, as well as those with a pacemaker in the body.

Brands: Gezatone Bio Sonic 2000 KUS 2K, Gezatone HS23071.

Professional face cleaning at home

Cleansing frees pores from plugs, allows the skin to breathe, absorb moisture, and positively perceive care and cosmetic procedures.

Facial cleansing at home begins with the preparation of tools, preparations and materials. Required: hairpins, napkins and sponges, milk and gel, hot water, two towels, bandage and gauze mask with slits, scrub, herbal infusion and ice from it.

Professional facial cleansing at home is performed in four stages.

  1. 1.Cleaning

The face and hands are washed with soap and water, the hair is fixed with a hairpin, the makeup is removed with milk and the face is washed with gel again.

  1. Compress (steam bath)

In this way, the opening of the pores is achieved. In the first case, a gauze mask, abundantly moistened with hot herbal tea, is applied to the face for 8 minutes. A steam bath is taken over hot water with the addition of herbs. Duration: for oily skin - 10 minutes, combination - 7, normal - 5 - 6, dry skin - 3 - 4 minutes.

  1. Cleaning

Cleaning is the manual extrusion of black dots. It is performed by pressing with fingers wrapped in a bandage, starting from the forehead to the chin. Enhances the effect of a scrub with which the face is massaged and then washed off with water.

  1. Closing the pores

After washing with cool water, the pores are closed with ice cubes from herbal infusions: for dry skin - from calendula, lavender, lemon balm; with oily - from the bark of oak, mint, linden, chamomile.

Mask after cleansing your face at home

After cleansing your face at home, the skin becomes soft, clean and radiant. It is better to perform the procedures at night or on weekends so that the inevitable redness does not spoil the mood in the morning. This phenomenon is short-lived and will definitely pass if the cleaning was done according to the rules. And systematic manipulations will not only save you from problems, but also prevent the formation of new ones.

After the procedure, the skin needs to be soothed and protected from peeling. Cosmetologists recommend a honey mask after cleansing your face at home.

  • Heat a mixture of honey and olive oil (equally) in a water bath and apply on the skin for 15 minutes. Wash off with water or remove with a sponge.