Description of the Promised Payment service

As soon as the subscriber activates the Promised Payment service, the operator will transfer a certain amount to the account, which can vary in the range of 100-1300 rubles. The term for using credit funds is 3-7 days. If during this period all the money provided within the framework of this service is spent, then it will be impossible to use the connection.

While the promised payment is valid, the subscriber needs to top up the balance. If there is no money on the account within the specified period, the SIM card will be blocked until the loan debt is repaid.

Promised payment Available with a balance of up to
50 rubles up to minus 40 rubles
150 rubles up to minus 100 rubles
300 rubles up to minus 250 rubles

Conditions and restrictions

The amount of the loan and the time of use directly depend on the status of the subscriber.

  • Ordinary customers who do not use unlimited Internet can count on a loan of 100-300 rubles from the operator. The service is valid for no more than three days.
  • Subscribers who have connected unlimited Internet can borrow up to 1300 rubles. Three days are also given to pay off the debt.
  • VIP clients who spend more than 3,000 rubles on communications every month are also provided loans up to 1,300 rubles, but they can repay it within a week.

In addition, the available loan amount is affected by the time during which the subscriber uses the services of this operator. For example, those who are MegaFon's clients for a little over two weeks can only borrow 50 rubles. And if this period has already exceeded two months, then you can count on 100-200 rubles.

You can borrow money from an operator a maximum of 5 times a month. It should also be borne in mind that you do not need to pay for using the loan, but a small commission is provided for the connection, which is removed from the balance at the end of the option's validity period and which depends on the amount of the loan provided.

Promised Payment Amount Connection fee
top up for 50 rubles 5 rubles
top up for 150 rubles 15 rubles
top up for 300 rubles 20 rubles

Terms of borrowing funds: amounts, terms, commissions

You can borrow money on Megafon in different amounts - the amount borrowed and the duration of the loan depends on the client of the described operator who has a Megafon subscriber number, the duration of the company's cellular communication, the balance of the cellular device before activating the option. For 3 days, subscribers are provided from 100 rubles to 300, for a day - 50 rubles. Borrowed funds are available:

  • The subscriber's account has not reached the minus 40 rubles - it is offered to be credited for 50 rubles to users who are Megafon customers for more than one calendar month;
  • The negative balance reaches a value of up to minus 100 rubles - the loan is equal to 150, it is offered after two months of being in the ranks who turned to Megafon for communication opportunities;
  • The balance is approaching minus 250 rubles - the trust payment will reach 300 for users of Megafon services who are within the provider's network for two months or more.

Note! An offer providing for a temporary deposit of funds is paid for Megafon customers.

Provider users who want to receive the promised payment pay for the connection: 5, 15 and 20 rubles for 50, 100, 300 rubles of borrowed funds, respectively.

Characteristics of the "Promised Payment"

A trust payment is automatically debited from the account three days after the service is issued or earlier, at the time of replenishing the balance with a sufficient amount. A loan in the amount of 50 rubles, 100 rubles is available to subscribers. or 300 rubles. Each time the option is activated, the user is charged a one-time subscription fee of 5 rubles, 10 rubles. or 20 rubles. in accordance with the amount borrowed from the operator.

Let's take a closer look at the terms of service and its limits, which Megafon clients with different subscriber experience should take into account:

Payment (loan) amount Allowable negative balance threshold The required experience of the Megafon subscriber Average monthly communication costs for the last 3 months
50 rub. up to -40r. 1-3 months from 50 rub.
100 rub. up to -70r. 3-6 months more than 400 rubles.
300 RUR up to -250 rubles. 3-6 months more than 400 rubles.

Please note that the minimum promised payment is 50 rubles. It is intended both for users with a short experience of 1-3 months, who replenished the balance 2 or more times, and for subscribers with an experience of 3-6 months and average monthly communication costs more than 0 rubles, but less than 400 rubles. Other categories of Megafon clients, including all subscribers with more than 6 months of experience, can independently determine the required loan amount of 50 rubles, 100 rubles. or 300 rubles.

Important! To find out the amount of the promised payment available to you, it is enough to send a short service request from the phone in the format * 106 # ... The necessary financial information will instantly appear on the screen of the device.

How do I get the Promised Payment?

To activate the service, you can use the following methods:

  • Send a message or call back at 0006. In the text of the SMS, you should write the desired amount;
  • Dial the combination * 106 #, then click on the call. To activate the option, you must follow all the instructions received. This is the only possible way to take out a loan when the number is blocked due to the fact that the balance has gone negative. You can also use the code * 1006 #;
  • Dial the combination * 105 * 2 * 5 * 1 # and click on the call;
  • Use the capabilities of the LC by going to which you need to go to the "Services and Tariffs" page, then go to the "Changing Tariff Options" section, select this service and top up the balance for the required amount.

"Promised Payment" for the Internet

This option is available only if one of the services of the "Internet 2014" series is connected. The maximum loan amount is 2400 rubles.

To use the service, you need to dial * 844 # and then click on the call. You can also connect the "Promised Payment" in the Personal Account.

What are the connection conditions?

The longer you have been a MegaFon customer, the more payment you receive. When crediting funds, the following commission is deducted.

Funds are withdrawn when the service is activated.

MegaFon users who:

  • They have been cooperating with MegaFon for less than 3 months and have replenished their account at least 2 times.
  • They use MegaFon services for up to six months and have spent 400 rubles or less within 3 months.
  • The received payment will be debited in 24 hours.

A loan of 100 or 300 rubles can be used by clients who:

  • They use MegaFon services for at least six months.
  • Have been using MegaFon services for at least 3 months and have spent at least 400 rubles in the last 3 months.
  • The provided payment will be debited in 3 days.

You can get:

  • 50 rubles, if no more than 40 rubles remain in your account.
  • 100 rubles, if no more than 40 rubles remain on your account.
  • 300 rubles, if no more than 250 rubles remained in your account.

The reasons for which the use of the function is not allowed:

  • The option "Pay, when convenient" is connected to your room.
  • You use a blocked SIM card.
  • You already communicate through the promised payment.
  • You did not pay off the previously promised.

How to connect "promised payment" on the megaphone

You can activate the service both independently and with the involvement of a specialist provider.

USSD team

The easiest and fastest way to connect the Trust Fee Service on the smartphone keypad * 106 # and press the handset. You will open the window in which you can choose from one of the items "One-time", "Information" or "Subscription". If you are in roaming, you can use this USSD command to receive credit funds from megaphone. The term of money use is 3 days.

Personal Area

Promised payment megaphone team

If you have not registered on the official website of the megaphone, we recommend that you do it and then your personal account will be available for you. To register, enter your phone number, and then the secret code that will enroll on the smartphone in the form of SMS. After confirming the code, your account will be created.

Through your personal account, you can order different services and change tariffs. Including, very convenient to request the promised loan, where you yourself can choose the amount that you will need (50, 150 or 300 p.).

Creating an account in the Personal Account will also quickly contact operators . Specifying them with your questions directly through the user's profile, as well as track any financial operations or calls that are made from the phone.

Service SMS messages

It is quite convenient to activate the service by using the SMS service of the operator. To do this, you need to send a message with the text 100 or 300 (the loan amount you need) to the short number 0006. .

Voice menu

The phone number 0006 can also be used to enter the megaphone voice menu. After the dialing it remains only to follow the voice tips of the autoinformer and choose the desired amount of the "promised payment".

Self-service online services

Very quickly and comfortably connect the service "Trust payment" allows your personal account or its analog for smartphones - Mobile application MegaFon. These client services have a wide functionality, allow you to accurately configure the number, view costs, change the tariff and activate the necessary options, including to take the desired loan amount in the "Payments" menu.

Call to reference service

Appeal to the Call Center MegaFon by phone 0500. It is a universal, but not always a convenient way to connect services and provider options due to the constant loading of communication lines, a long period of waiting for a connection with a consultant and the need to voice your passport data to go through the identification procedure of the SIM card owner. However, in some life situations, it is the call to the operator to take a timely "promised payment" in a megaphone and save access to all the necessary users of cellular services.

Personally contact the MegaFon office center

Many people do not quite understand how to connect the promised megaphone payment using a combination of numbers or other way. It is worth contacting one of the company's service centers. Any manager, seller of cards in a few minutes will be able to activate it. It will turn off automatically after the expiration of 72 hours from the moment of activation. During this time, you need to fulfill the required payment (credit + cost of service + amount for simple replenishment) in order not to be in the minus again.

Automatic promised payment

If you activate this option, then the money (300 rubles) will be credited to the account automatically. The option will take effect at the moment when the balance drops to a certain limit.

To activate the option, you should:

  • Send SMS to 000600, you don't need to write anything in the text;
  • Dial the combination * 106 * 1 # and click on the call.

To deactivate the option, you must also send a message to the same number, and write the words STOP and STOP in the text.

How to connect

There is only one way to activate the "Automatic Promised Payment": send an SMS message with the text " AUTO " or " AVTO »To the number 0006.

How to disable

But to disable it, there are several ways:

  1. Contact the subscriber service by number 0500.
  2. Use the self-service system Personal Area
  3. Via USSD command * 106 #
  4. Send SMS with the text " STOP " or " STOP »To the number 0006.

"Pay When Convenient" service as an alternative to "Promised Payment"

We have already mentioned in this article about the "Pay whenever" option, which in the active state does not allow connecting the "Promised payment", since both services are functionally similar.

The main difference is that “Pay whenever you like” does not provide the subscriber with a real money loan, but increases the “negative” balance limits, keeping the entire range of mobile services available. At the same time, the limits are calculated individually for each subscriber and depend both on the average communication costs for the last three months, and on the subscriber experience, tariff plan and package of activated options.

The service is free, and the operator's funds are reimbursed on the basis of the last month's invoice, which is received by the user on the 6th of the current month. The invoiced amounts must be repaid by the 21st, otherwise the operator may block the number.

To connect and disconnect the "Pay whenever" option, a USSD request is used * 550 * 1 # ... Another way to activate the service is to send an SMS message with the number 1 (one) to the number 5050 ... To disable the option, an SMS message with the number 2 (two) is sent to the same number. Checking the current state of the balance is implemented through USSD requests *one hundred# or * 550 # .

Fast input combination

The command consists of a combination of numbers * 106 # or * 1006 #. In both cases, there is a call key at the end of the command.

Also, access is carried out in the following ways.

  1. Through the instructions of the answering machine - for this you need to dial
  2. Via sms, dialing the number specified in paragraph 2. The amount is requested in accordance with the tariff.
  3. In your own account in the section for payment via the Internet.
  4. On the company's website (page "Payment").

The terms of delivery are as follows.

  1. Before you take 50 rubles. for the service, you need to make sure that the experience of the tariff is a month, your minus does not go over 35 rubles. Money is borrowed for a day, then liquidated. The service fee is charged immediately. Other current contributions do not exceed 100 rubles.
  2. To take 300 rubles for the service, it is enough to have a subscription experience of more than one month, the balance in the minus is more than 250 rubles. The connection fee is debited as soon as the money is received on the phone. The service can be used for three days, after which it will be canceled. A notification is sent to the number.

The service is not provided if:

  • the number is blocked;
  • the service "Pay whenever you want" is active;
  • the telephone tariff is lower than that provided for in the service;
  • the service is already in operation;
  • insufficient total amount of top-up during the period of using the number;
  • expired, and the debt was not returned.

The payment service is available even in roaming. Constant balance control ensures the stability of the connection

How to disable "Promised payment" from Megafon

the amount of the promised payment megaphone

In order to terminate the provision of the service, you should choose one of the following options:

  • Use the Personal Account on the operator's website;
  • Call 0006 and follow the further instructions of the voice menu;
  • Dial the USSD command * 106 # and press the call button;
  • Send a free SMS-message with the text "STOP" or "STOP" to number 0006.

The Promised Payment service provided by the Megafon operator is one of the most convenient types of options that help you stay in touch even with zero on your account. It is not at all difficult to connect and disable the function both directly through the phone and using the operator's website, and the amount provided varies from 50 to 300 rubles. However, before connecting, you should remember a few important points - the commission requested for the service, the duration of its validity and the mandatory requirements for provision. In the event that the subscriber is aware of these intricacies, the payment will become an excellent assistant in a critical situation and will help to get in touch every time it is necessary.



The Megafon "Promised payment" option is a convenient opportunity to quickly replenish the balance if the account has unexpectedly run out of funds. In this article we will tell you what it is, discuss the cost and terms of service. We will also provide detailed connection instructions and consider the features and limitations. The review will be needed for all subscribers of the operator who want to stay in touch always and not depend on replenishment of the account.

general information

First, we will consider what the promised Megafon payment is and how the function works. The service offers to top up an account with a certain amount when a zero or negative balance is reached. Use the offer to be in touch even when there is no opportunity to deposit funds to pay for communication services.

A one-time service and automatic connection are available to subscribers. The automatic offer is activated independently when the mark of ten rubles is reached on the user's account.

  • The offer is valid for one to three days;
  • Validity period for VIP clients is 7 days.

Below we will tell you how much it will cost to use the service for different categories of customers.


Before figuring out how to take the promised payment on Megafon, consider the cost of the option:

  • Enrollment 50 rubles - 5 rubles additionally;
  • Depositing 150 rubles to the account - 15 rubles;
  • A replenishment of 300 rubles will require you to pay another 20 rubles.

Consideration should be given to how much a large OP will cost. The data of the amounts deposited into the account and the additional payment from above in rubles are given:

  • 400 - 30;
  • 600 - 50;
  • 700 - 50;
  • 1100 - 50;
  • 3200 - 50.

The cost of the OP for VIP clients is as follows:

  • 35 rubles for depositing 350 rubles;
  • 40 rubles for depositing 550 rubles;
  • 50 rubles to deposit the amount of 1050, 1550, 2050 and 3000 rubles.

If you do not want to go into debt to the operator, but you urgently need to call, use the service - "Call at the expense of the interlocutor."

Now let's figure out how to take the promised payment on Megafon.


Each user can make the promised payment on Megafon, however, the service must first be connected. Let's start with a description of a one-time function - several methods are available to users via the Internet and offline.

Using your personal account

  • Log in to your personal account;
  • Go to Account;

  • Select a function and click on the connect button.

USSD team

There is a command to connect the promised payment on Megafon:

  • Open the numeric keypad;
  • Enter the command number * 106 # ;
  • Click the call icon;
  • Follow the directions on the screen.

SMS message

  • Create a new message;
  • Enter the amount you want to receive to the account;
  • Send it to the number 0006 .


  • Dial the number 0006 ;
  • Press the call key;
  • Follow the prompts from the system.

Automatic OP how to connect

Now let's look at how to get the automatic promised payment on Megafon. There are several ways to activate the function, which may differ from those described above.

USSD team

Automatic promised payment Megafon has a combination of numbers, similar to a one-time service.

  • Enter a code * 106 # ;
  • Follow the prompts from the system.


  • Create an SMS with the text "AUTOXXX" where XXX is the amount of money;
  • Send a message to the number 0006 .


  • Find the service you need in the "Services" tab in your personal account;
  • Select a connection string.


  • Call the phone number 0006 and follow the instructions of the informant.

Now you know how to enable the service action. You can read more about how to turn off the promised Megafon payment in a separate review on our website.

Features of the

Carefully study the subtleties of the option before dialing the promised payment on Megafon.

  • The function is available in roaming;
  • The payment for the OP is debited at the time of its enrollment;
  • When using automatic OP, the subscriber pays only the cost of enrollment;
  • The service is not compatible with the "Pay when convenient" option;
  • With a negative account balance, it is impossible to use transfers and payments from a mobile;
  • The size and duration of the service depends on the monthly communication costs and the duration of the use of the operator's services;
  • In order to avoid the complete termination of the provision of communication services, it is necessary to deposit the required amount on the balance before the termination of the OP;
  • Activation of the automatic service is possible only if the OP of the required size is available;
  • The activation of the OP occurs only after the redemption of the previous OP.

Now you know everything about the possibility of depositing a much-needed amount of money into your account and you can always stay in touch even with a negative balance. The operator has a large number of different options and services, read further about one of them - the radar on Megafon, how to connect and use.

If you have an insufficient amount to make a call, for example, to another city, relatives, and the ability to replenish the balance is not now there - it will help the option promised payment on Megaphone. Situations occur different: they forgot to pay for the Internet, and it was not very disabled in time, the write-off of the subscription fee at the rate is nearing, but the salary is just a few days later. To be in touch, regardless of such unpleasant situations, and it was designed the opportunity to take in debt, and paying the unsighted amount later.

How to borrow money from Megafon? Promised payment service

Standard service options Three:

  • The usual "promised payment" (amounts from 50 to 300 p.).
  • On the Internet.
  • On the line of tariffs "All Inclusive".

When you have less than 50 rubles on the balance, you can come information SMS with a proposal to order a service and stay in touch always. It's just a proposal that does not mean that you will be disconnected instantly. Connecting the same confidence payment on the megaphone is possible at any threshold of the balance, even negative.

An important feature: for ensuring that the subscriber uses the service, the operator is written off an additional amount of money for connecting. The amount of the commission collected depends on the amount to which the Subscriber replenishes its balance. If you do not understand, where are the extra 10-15 rubles from the account, first find out if you did not take a debt.


Standard promised payment

If you just connected to the subscriber network, you can connect the payment only in the amount of 50 rubles. For subscribers who are serviced in a megaphone for more than two months, other options are available - 150 and 300 rubles at a time. Commission when connected if you take:

  • 50 rubles - 5 (provided for 1 day);
  • 150 rubles - 10 (given for 3 days);
  • 300 rubles - 20 (also only 3 days from the moment of activation).

It is impossible to borrow a different amount within the service. Connect it is possible in several ways, depending on which you will be more convenient. Ways to deal with megaphone:

  1. USSD team * 106 # (after which - a challenge). Flash-SMS appears on the screen with information about the amounts available to you.
  2. If you know exactly how much you want to order, the team may be of this format: * 106 * Needed amount .
  3. Send SMS with the specified amount. Room - 0006. .
  4. Call from your phone number 0006. And, following the instructions of the answering machine, connect the payment of interest.
  5. Contact any operator's office and order a service.
  6. Through the personal account

Also, subscribers can connect automatic replenishment - each time 0 rubles will remain on the account, you will be sent to 300. To connect it, you can send SMS with any text to the room 000600. The exception is the text "Stop" (or it is, but in English: "Stop"), with which the activated service is turned off on the contrary.

On the Internet

The promised payment on the Internet on a megaphone is given for a period of three days, which you will need to pay the amount of the monthly fee and the Commission. You can take a maximum of 2500 rubles, the maximum commission is 50 rubles per request. For three days, you can easily use the Internet without any problems.

You do not have to drive into your own amount - if there is a connected Internet option, it is enough just to send an SMS or USSD request:

  • * 106 * 6 # - inquiry.
  • 000601 - SMS with any text.
  • You can also call the number 0006 or contact the office for help in connecting.

It is important - in addition to the commission and the amount of the subscription fee, another 10 rubles are automatically charged, so that after the payment for using the option is debited, the balance remains positive.

All inclusive

Subscribers serving on one of the TPs of the All Inclusive line (tariff line with a fixed monthly payment for a certain number of minutes, sms and Internet traffic) during the charging period can connect the promised payment on Megafon for the amount debited according to the tariff plan. It is possible to activate it 2 days before the subscription fee is debited (and it is debited according to the tariff plan regularly on the night of the 2nd day of each month) or 5 days after. The service will be unavailable on other days.

If you are served on the All Inclusive TP, no matter which one, 2 days before the cancellation, you will receive a message with a proposal to activate the option. The exception is subscribers who have the required amount to be paid in advance on their account. The sms will contain all the information, you can connect it simply by sending a response message with any text (or just empty). The service is activated exactly on the day of writing off the AP at the tariff. Other ways of how to borrow for a monthly fee on Megafon:

  • 000602 - a number to which you can send a message with any text.
  • * 106 * 5 # - USSD request.
  • Contact support or office.

You do not need to choose the amount, the one that you need will be credited. Validity period - 5 days from the start of connection. It will be possible to connect only if you have already been serviced on Megafon for at least 2 months, on one of the TPs of the line you must be serviced all this time.

If you have a "Credit of Trust" enabled, make sure that the limit has not been exceeded. Otherwise, ordering a trust payment will simply not work. There should be no other active payments (regular or for the Internet) on the number upon activation. You can check the connected ones through your personal account on the Internet.

Key features

Features that you need to be aware of when connecting a certain type of promised payment:

  • Payment to the Internet is not charged if you have a trust loan and there are still enough funds for the loan before being debited.
  • It is not necessary to deactivate services, they are automatically deactivated after the expiration of the validity period. If you replenished your account earlier, it's okay, the payment amount will simply be debited on the right day. Alternatively, you may receive a message asking you to disable it.
  • You can activate the option no more than five times per calendar month - subject to timely payment of the used amount.
  • The commission is debited immediately upon activation.
  • When activating the service in the office or by calling, an additional 10 rubles are charged for the option.

Loans are provided not only by banks, "Promised Payment Megafon" - mobile money loan service , in case the user failed to make a payment on time, and an important call is coming.

What is "Promised Payment" from Megafon?
Description of the Promised Payment service posted on the Megafon website.

What is Promised Payment?

The service is available to all customers of the Megafon operator, regardless of where they are - in the home region, in the country or roaming.

It is a kind of loan from 50 to 1300 rubles ... The operator can put this money on the user's number, if there is a zero or negative balance. To do this, the user must order the service of the promised payment, and then, without fail, replenish the account for at least the amount of the write-off.

Conditions under which you can borrow from Megafon

The promised payment is provided on a paid basis - its cost directly depends on how much money the subscriber is going to borrow ... Payment for the promised payment occurs at the time of its activation.

The cost of the "Promised Payment" service on Megafon
Service cost.

A prerequisite for receiving a deferred payment is its timely repayment ... The terms of repayment of a trust loan from Megafon depend on its amount. This period can vary from 3 to 7 days. If the trust is not returned in time, then there is a risk that the mobile connection on the phone will be blocked until the debt is paid off in front of the operator.

Features of providing an option.

Very important ! When a subscriber calculates a promise, it should be taken into account that after the procedure for obtaining a loan, the amount of funds on the personal account should not be less than 30 rubles, that is, if the balance is negative, then the amount of the entrusted contribution should cover this debt and bring the account into a plus.

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How much and for how long will Megafon trust the funds?

The characteristic of the "borrower" plays an important role in obtaining a temporary loan for mobile communications:

  • Standard service users (calls and SMS) who did not connect unlimited Internet to their number can receive the promised payment up to 300 rubles for up to 3 days ... Subscribers connected to Megafon for up to 2 months and who have replenished their account at least twice during this period can count on a conditional loan in the amount of 50.00 rubles. For those who have a period of more than two months of cooperation with the operator, the declared limit may increase to 300.00 rubles.
  • If the list of used user options unlimited internet included , then the amount may increase up to 1300 units of Russian currency , but even here the virtual loan will need to be repaid within 3 days.
  • Another category of clients can receive a trusted payment - this is VIP clients Megaphone. Those are considered persons who monthly spend at least 3000 on mobile communications. For them, the loan conditions are the most loyal - in addition to the fact that the maximum loan reaches 1300 rubles. , and the terms of payment for them are increased to seven days from the date of receipt.

Payment for the Promised Payment service

In order to activate it, you must pay the cost according to the price list:

How much is the account replenished by, rub. price, rub.
fifty 5
150 15
300 20

Restrictions on the activation of the promised payment

When using the "Pay when convenient" option, Megafon does not allow you to connect the "Promised payment". It is also impossible for its interaction with the functionality of transfers and payments of mobile communications, that is, if the subscriber took advantage of the opportunity and activated an advance payment, then it will become impossible to make a transfer to another number.

Restrictions on the provision of the Promised Payment service.

The option may also be unavailable in the following scenarios:

  • Negative balance is at a mark lower than the declared loan amount.
  • Cooperation with Megafon takes less than 1 month.
  • If in the last months of using mobile communications, spending on it was insignificant .

Debt write-off

The funds that the operator has credited to the account must be debited after a certain time. For an amount of 50 p. this period is 1 calendar day, for large amounts a threshold of three days is set.

Useful video:

How to get a one-time loan on Megafon?

In order to enable the option to receive the promised payment from Megafon, you can go in several ways:

  1. Dial the special command code - * 106 # and execute it using the call button.
  2. Activate option through your personal account on the website of the mobile company.
  3. Send message SMS to number 0006 ... In the body of the letter, you need to enter the required amount of money for transfer.
  4. The previous combination can also be used to call an electronic assistant , following his instructions, you can transfer the amount that is needed to stay in touch until the next balance top-up.

Connection via personal account:

Step 1. Login to your personal account.
How to connect the promised payment through Megafon's personal account?
Step 2.
Step 3.

Connection via website:

Enter your phone number and follow the instructions.

Connecting via short commands:

USSD request.
Connecting the promised payment via SMS.
Reply message.
Voice assistant.

Activating and deactivating the "Automatic promised payment" option

This feature is especially for the category of users who want to be sure that their connection will be available under all circumstances.

It is especially useful for constant trips abroad, since it is sometimes very difficult to replenish the phone balance in another country.

Under the terms of the option, Megafon credits users who have connected the automatic promised payment, 300 p. at the time of reaching the balance of the mark of 10 rubles ... After 3 days, the loan must be returned to the operator. Otherwise, the connection is blocked until the necessary funds are credited to the account.

Option connection

The only way to activate the option on the number is by sending a text message to the number 0006. ... The letter must contain words AUTO or AVTO .

A photo:

Connection via voice assistant.
Connection via SMS.

Disable option

In order to refuse it, the subscriber can:

  • Call support at the number 0500. .
  • Set the required settings in your personal account .
  • Through dedicated service team * 106 # .
  • Send text STOP or STOP to the room 0006. .

Photo gallery :

Contact center number for individuals.
how to turn off the promised payment on a megaphone
USSD request 1.
USSD request 2.
SMS to disconnect.
How to take the promised payment on Megafon (50, 100, 300 rubles)

Situations are different. Sometimes you can't keep track of it, and the balance on the phone goes into negative territory, and you need to make an important call, go online or send a message. In this case, the promised payment function on Megafon will help out. Other operators have a similar service, but now we will consider Megafon.

Let's figure out how to take the promised payment on Megafon, what kind of service it is, how much it costs. The order of connection, how to return the money later, the terms of return. All information on .

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What is the promised payment on Megaphone in general?

The option is aimed at all subscribers who use the services of this operator. If the mobile balance is close to zero, and there is no opportunity to replenish the account, you can contact the operator and ask for the money.

You can take the promised payment Megafon wherever a mobile connection is caught, since for this you just need to dial a certain USSD command on the phone. After that, the balance will be replenished, but in the future you need to return this money by simply replenishing your balance.

4 ways to take the promised payment from Megafon

When deciding how to take the promised payment on Megafon, the subscriber can use different methods. The operator has developed several connection options so that each client can choose the most convenient for himself.

How to take the promised payment on Megafon (50, 100, 300 rubles)

How to take the promised payment on Megafon:

  • USSD command. One of the oldest and therefore demanded methods. It is enough just to dial the coveted combination on the phone, and the balance will be replenished. You need to dial * 106 # and press the call button. A menu will appear where you will need to select the desired amount.
  • An SMS message to be sent to number 0006. In the text, you just need to indicate the desired amount of replenishment.
  • Call toll-free number 0006 and follow the instructions of the autoinformer.
  • Megafon subscriber's personal account or mobile application. Log into the system with your credentials, find the appropriate option and enable it. In the application, the option "hides" in the account replenishment section, in the personal account - located on the main page.

The promised payment on Megafon must be returned within 3 days. If this is not done, the balance will go into negative territory, communication services will be limited.

How much can you borrow and what commissions

We figured out how to make the promised payment on Megafon, there is nothing complicated in this procedure. But you need to understand that the Megafon loan payment is an emergency tool. It is needed when there is no money in the account, there is no opportunity here and now to replenish the account, but you need to stay in touch. Large amounts are not issued to ordinary customers, the maximum can be received is 300 rubles.

The promised payments are fixed. A fee is charged for connecting this option, the amount of which depends on the amount received. Before deciding how to take the promised payment in Megafon, check out the tariffication of the service:

  • if you borrow 50 rubles from Megafon, the commission will be 10 rubles;
  • if you request 100 rubles, the system will additionally write off 14;
  • if you need 150, get ready to pay 20 rubles;
  • receiving 200 rubles costs 22 rubles;
  • to take 300, the subscriber will pay 30 rubles.
How to take the promised payment on Megafon (50, 100, 300 rubles)

These are possible amounts for regular customers. But there are also dedicated categories of subscribers that are allocated into a separate VIP group. This includes corporate clients and those who simply actively use the services of Megafon and monthly pay decent sums for them.

The promised payment by Megafon for a corporate client in amount can reach up to 3000 rubles. The commission will depend on the exact membership in a particular category. So, VIPs pay the least. For the promised payment of 1550, 2050 or 3000 rubles, the client will pay only 50 rubles in commission. And the validity period of the payment for such subscribers increases, it can reach 7 days.

When the option is connected, the system will indicate how much is available to the client. It depends not only on the category of the client, but also on how much money is currently on the balance sheet. The less they are, the less they will give.

Automatic payment

How to take the promised payment on Megafon (50, 100, 300 rubles)

It is not necessary to think about how to make the promised payment on Megaphone every time, you can connect its automatic execution. That is, as soon as the balance reaches a certain amount, the system will perform the operation itself and replenish the mobile account. This is convenient because there is no need to strictly track the balance. As soon as 10 rubles or less remains on the account, an automatic payment will be made.

In Megafon, for the promised payment, the combination is identical - * 106 #. Dial it on your phone, and in the service menu that opens, enable auto-top-up. You can also send a message of the type AVTO100 to number 0006, where instead of the amount, indicate the desired amount of automatic replenishment.

Now you don't need to worry about the balance. As soon as it reaches 10 rubles, the system will recharge, the subscriber will not be left without communication. But remember that every time this operation is performed, Megafon will take a commission corresponding to the amount. The amount is credited after the deduction of the due fee.

How to disable the subscription to the promised Megafon payment? Send a message with the text STOP to number 0006, call this number or dial the combination * 106 #.

If automation is not enabled, then nothing needs to be disabled. After activation, the service is provided one-time. To ask again for a loan, you will need to type combinations again.


By typing the command for the promised payment of Megafon, the subscriber undertakes to make up for the operator's “losses” by depositing money into his account in the required amount within 3 days. As soon as the funds arrive, the refund will be made immediately. If the replenishment has not occurred in sufficient volume, the balance goes into negative territory, the client will not be able to use communication services.

How to take the promised payment on Megafon (50, 100, 300 rubles)

Therefore, do not forget that you have borrowed money. It is better to immediately think about how to put the money back so as not to be left without communication and the Internet. There are plenty of methods of replenishment, you can use any convenient one. Here are just a few of them:

  • in any payment terminal of any system: Qiwi, Eleksnet, etc. Cash replenishment, commission may be charged;
  • by credit card on the operator's website. Here you can also make a deposit from Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney e-wallets. You can also log into your e-wallet account and perform the operation there;
  • through any online bank. All banking services support the function of payment for services, and this is what you can use. As a standard, transactions are conducted without commission. You can also activate auto-top-up there, for example, so that on the 10th of every month 250 rubles are debited from your account or card (transferred to your mobile account);
  • in cash in any communication stores, not mandatory by Megafon itself;
  • at the ATMs of the servicing bank: just insert the card into the device and perform the operation;
  • various services on the Internet, where payment is accepted from cards and electronic wallets.

Now you know how to borrow 50 rubles or another small amount from Megafon. This is done in a couple of clicks on the phone buttons. The main thing is not to forget to replenish the balance later, so as not to be left without communication.

How to take the promised payment on Megafon | Team | 50,150,300₽

Subscribers often encounter situations when there is no opportunity top up balance in their usual ways. In this case, the promised payment Megafon can help out.

Promised payment

"Promised payment" Is a service from an operator that allows you to stay in touch even when you run out or run out of funds on your balance. By connecting the service, a certain amount is credited to your account, depending on the need. You can take the promised payment Megafon for 50, 150 and 300 rubles.

Be careful, "Promised Payment" from Megafon is a paid service, the cost is 20 rubles, for each provision (set of the command) "Promised Payment".

How to take

You can take the promised payment in the following ways:

  • Across Personal Area - go to "Payments" and specify the amount;
  • Enter the command - * 106 #;
  • Send SMS - with the required amount to the short number 0006;
  • Call the number - 0006.

Terms of provision

  • for 50 rubles you can take with a balance of up to 40 rubles;
  • for 150 rubles, you can take with a balance of up to - 100 rubles;
  • for 300 rubles, you can take with a balance of up to 250 rubles.

If you have activated the service " Automatic promised payment “, Then auto payment in the amount of 300 rubles will be automatically provided when your account balance is 10 rubles or less.

How to take for 50 rubles

To take the Promised payment for 50 rubles, send an SMS indicating the amount - 50 to number 0006 or call 0006 and follow the voice prompts.

How to take for 100/150 rubles

To take the Promised payment for 150 rubles, send an SMS with the required amount - 150 to number 0006 or just call 0006 and follow the voice prompts.

How to take for 300 rubles

To take the Promised payment for 300 rubles, send an SMS indicating the required amount - 300 to number 0006 or call number 0006 and follow the prompts.

Disable automatic promised payment

To disable automatic promised payment, use one of the methods below:

  • type the command * 106 #;
  • Send SMS with text STOP or STOP , to the number 0006;
  • through your personal account;
  • through a call to a subscriber. service to the number 0500.