pet search rules

Domestic cats are freedom-loving and curious animals, with pleasure looking for expanses outside the apartment. If fluffy fidget has free access to the street, there is always a risk of getting lost. Any fluffy homemade can accidentally be outside the dwelling. Often, the owner appears the task of finding the missing cat. The competent organization of search engines is the key to the successful return of the pet to the native walls.

Preparing for searching

Unfortunately, domestic cats disappear quite often: fall out of windows and balconies, run away from curiosity or under the influence of sex instincts. Most often, owners have to look for pets having free access to the street. It is necessary as early as possible to capture the missing animal. Having found that the pet is not at home, you should prepare the necessary tools and devices that will help facilitate search engines.

Things to find a pet



In the dark, the optical system of the cat's eye reflects the light from the lighting device, which simplifies the search for the missing animal. During the event, it will have to examine secluded and dark corners, so it is not possible to do without highlight.

Once at an unfamiliar situation, the cats most often come out of their asylum when dark, so without a flashlight, the successful search is impossible. But its presence is important not only in the dark. The flashlight will help thoroughly check basements, ventilation and other technological holes in the residential building.

Binoculars and other optical devices

Allow you to examine the search area at a considerable distance. In addition, the use of magnifying optics will not move the animal in the stressful situation. With the help of binoculars, it is convenient to consider thickets of thick trees, hard-to-reach buildings and places.

Favorite toys

Often, hitting an unfamiliar medium, the pet is drained in secluded corners, observing what is happening from shelter. Seeing or having heard his favorite toy, the animal can independently leave his temporary refuge, followed by a familiar mouse or a ball.

Favorite delicacy pet

If a cat adores dry food, you can periodically shake it into a bank. A familiar sound will lead the traveled traveler to the owner.


This sound device is associated with a cat with a delicacy. If the pet has a steady reflex on the sound of the clicker, its use will help in search of the loss.

In addition to various useful devices and devices, the owner must take himself in his hands, calm down and gain patience. Only shutter speed and lack of panic will help to return the missing animal home.

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Probable places for "Hires"

By solving the task, how to find the missing cat on the street, the owner should have an idea of ​​where the animal is most often hiding. Once at an unfamiliar area, cats seek to find a secluded place and sit there for some time. Practice shows that to seek the missing cat should be started in the following places:

  • Entrance. Search should be done from the upper floors. Do not forget to inspect baby carriages, shoes, buckets and other items and things on the flights of stairs. Particular attention should be paid to the area behind the chute.
  • Basements and attics. To examine them, you need to contact the housing company with a request to open closed doors or issue keys. The search for an animal should be carried out by illuminating all corners of the premises with a powerful flashlight.
  • Having examined the entrance, basement and attic of the house, it is necessary to expand the search area and look for a pet on the street. Keeping in mind the tendency of cats to hide in elevated places, the owner and his assistants should carefully examine the trees and shrubs growing close to the house. If a thick tree grows in the yard, binoculars will help to detect the frightened animal. Other hills - neighboring balconies, pillars, rooftops - are favorite places after trees where you can find a pet.
  • In the cold season, there is a chance to find a cat in the engine compartment of the car, on the pipes of the heating main, behind the heating radiator at the entrance .

places of possible location of the lost cat

  • On the street, you should look for a frightened animal under parked cars , in garages, sheds, utility rooms.
  • Cats love to hide in hard-to-reach places , therefore, you should carefully examine storm drains, drainpipes.
  • A hungry pet is often found by its owners in garbage dumps, near containers with garbage.

There are difficulties in finding a missing cat in the country. The search is complicated by the vastness of the territory, the dangers that lie in wait for the animal, and the proximity to wild nature (for example, to a forest, a river). It is necessary to expand the search area by contacting the neighbors. Often, it is the neighboring areas that escaped pets choose for shelter.

Walking around the nearby territory, looking into secluded and inaccessible places, you need to call the animal by its nickname, rustle with your favorite food, use a familiar toy to lure. Animals trained with the clicker should periodically be called with a familiar sound.

For information on what to do if a cat is lost, see this video:

We help the lost person to return

If a domestic cat has run away, how to find the loss worries every owner. In this situation, you should know that a fluffy couch potato at first can hide and hide for a long time, without making contact with a person. Therefore, you should not give up the search after 2 - 3 days of unsuccessful attempts. After sitting in a secluded place for a couple of days, a domestic cat can begin to explore unfamiliar territory, leaving the shelter.

the cat found a cat on the street

Often, after a long and unsuccessful search, a cat is found in the company of street animals. This situation is observed if the pet is not sterilized and ran away in search of a sexual partner.

It often happens that the discovered animal categorically does not want to leave the street of its own free will, and no delicacies seduce the fugitive. In this situation, experts recommend using homemade traps from a cardboard box or special boxes for trapping animals.

If it was not possible to find in the early days

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a missing pet in hot pursuit. You should not despair in this situation. The owner must be patient and continue the search, connecting as many people as possible to his problem. A cat should be notified of a missing cat using the following steps:

  • Post paper notices in the area of ​​residence. The text should be accompanied by a photograph or a listing of the special features of the animal. A small reward for helping find a pet will increase the chances of its return. It will not be superfluous to leave such an ad at the nearest veterinary clinic.
  • Social networks can help in the search for the fugitive. There are various groups that provide assistance to stray animals, as well as owners in search of their pets. For example, there are pages VKONTAKTE, CLASSMATS, forums about animals, etc. Having posted a photo of the missing pet, you must leave your contact details.

For information on what measures to take if a cat or cat is missing, see this video:

Useful Tips

things for finding a pet

In case the cat ran away from home, how to find the missing pet The following tips from experienced cat breeders will help:

  • The search area should be expanded gradually, after the territories adjacent to the apartment or house have been surveyed.
  • The event should be carried out at different times of the day. It often happens that after quietly sitting out for some time in a secluded place, the animal leaves it in the daytime or in the evening.
  • Calling a pet, calling its nickname, rustling with your favorite treat or toy, use the clicker in the evening or early in the morning, when the yard is relatively quiet. This makes the animal more likely to hear familiar sounds.
  • It is more convenient to search and catch a lost pet with a partner. It is easier for two to explore the territory, and having found the pet, the assistant will help to catch it successfully.
  • Strangers can help in finding a cat. The owner should notify neighbors, mothers with children walking on the playground, pensioners on benches that a search for an animal is underway. In this case, you should give a description or show a photo, as well as leave your contact phone number or address.
  • Invaluable help can be provided by street cleaners and compassionate people who feed street cats. As a rule, they notice the appearance of a new animal in their territory.

The desire to find your pet, perseverance and patience will help return the lost animal home.

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What to do when a favorite is found

Having discovered after a long search for their pet, the owners sometimes wonder why the animal does not run happily towards it. The fact is that in an unfamiliar environment, the pet experiences severe stress. It is necessary to know this and not to expect joyful emotions from the foundling.

Approach the cat carefully so as not to frighten off and not provoke another escape. You can lure an animal with a treat. A hungry pet, albeit not immediately, but surely will come up to the left treat.

After making sure that it was the missing cat that was found, you need to make sure that the animal has no wounds or injuries. It is best to show the reveler to the veterinarian. After examining the animal, a specialist may prescribe a prophylactic treatment for worms and fleas. Having placed the cat in its native walls, it is necessary to create a calm atmosphere for it. To avoid digestive upset after fasting, you should not give a lot of food at once, but you should not limit water.

After the fugitive returns home, the owner should take measures to prevent such incidents. The first step is to equip your pet with a tag collar. It should include contact information and the name of the owner.

what to do after finding a cat

If it is assumed that the animal will have access to the street, it is necessary to train the cat to walk on a harness. By gradually exploring the surrounding area, you can train the animal to return home on its own. The best option is to train your cat using a clicker.

It is not uncommon for an animal to get lost on the street. The owner should know how to find the cat if it has run away. Searches in hot pursuit, knowledge of the places where scared pets are hiding, attraction of a wide range of people to search activities, patience and self-control of the owner are the key to the successful return of the fugitive to his native walls.

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The cat ran out the door. What to do?

Do not try to attract the cat's attention with loud noises. You should definitely follow the animal without running or making noise.

Try not to lose sight of your pet. When a cat, accustomed to home environment, is outside, new smells and sounds cause her stress. The first thing she wants to do is hide somewhere close to home. Shouting out the pet's name or clapping your hands will only scare him even more.

If the cat stops and looks at you, immediately sit down and, without looking into her eyes, stretch your hand forward. Call your pet by name quietly. If nothing distracts him, he can come to you and the problem will be solved.

What if the cat doesn't come up to me?

Bring your pet's litter box. Scatter the contents from the area next to the cat to your home. Place bowls of food and drink nearby, and then step back and wait.

You want the tray and food to be as close to your home as possible. If you're lucky, when the cat calms down, she will come out of her hiding place, eat, smell her, and go back into the house.

What if the cat disappeared without a trace?

The first thing you should do if you suspect that your cat is missing is to carefully check every corner of your house or apartment.

Get down on your knees and imagine yourself as a cat. Think like a cat.

Remember: when an animal is frightened, it can climb into places that it just can't seem to fit.

Look under seats, behind armrests, inside reclining chairs. Cats often rip upholstery and burrow into furniture. Don't forget to look into the cabinets as well. Before looking outside, make sure you check every millimeter of your home.

I did not help anything. Are there still tips?

Yes, here are some more Lifehakov, how to facilitate the search for a faded pet and deliver it home safely and preservation.

  1. Make a rue to a cat. Take a big cardboard box and turn it over. On the one hand, ride a hole in which the cat can get. Then place the box next to your house, putting down some kind of soft fabric, on which the cat would be comfortable to sleep. Put something on top of the box so that it does not move from the place, and put bowls with food and drink and a tray nearby. Let it be a safe place where the cat will be able to return.
  2. Go to the night hunt. The best time to find the missing cat is the night. Take a flashlight with me and cat food. When you find yourself on the street, open the package and sneak it. The likelihood is that your cat will react to this and seem.
  3. Print leaflets. This is the most common way to find the missing pet, but they should not be neglected, because it still works. Be sure to add photo cats and remuneration information.
  4. Place an ad in social networks. Aid groups homeless animals are almost in any city. They will help spread information about the missing pet.
  5. Go through the neighbors with a photo of a cat.
  6. Do not forget to check the trees near the house. Perhaps your cat climbed up and afraid to go down.
  7. Calm down and do not be dug. There are many examples when pets returned to the most desperate owners.

How to facilitate searches if this happens again?

1. Chip Pets

In Europe, chipping is the usual procedure, which is done along with vaccinations. In our country, many have never heard of the method of identifying animals using microchip, but the vetches are already offering this service.

Chipping is simple, almost painless for a pet and is not very expensive for you to take care of the animal.

The chipped cat can be identified by a special scanned code. Collar or tokens with address is quite easy to remove. The microchip is not going anywhere: it resembles a rice size and shape and hides under the skin of the pet.

Another plus chipping is that the microchip does not need to be replaced. It is placed only once. And when the animal is found, it will be easy to determine the coordinates of its owner. In addition, in controversial cases you can prove that this is your pet.

2. Make the right photo of the cat

Let you have at hand there will always be a current photo of your pet. Do not make just a cute photo with a face. Remove the animal entirely so that if necessary, you can find it easily.

The cat is gone: what to do?

In big cities there are special pet search agencies. If you decide to use the help of one of them, the right photo is very useful to you. Yes, and for ordinary ads it will be as impossible by the way.

Cats often go out of the house, but in most cases it happens not because of the cruel appeal of the owners with his pet. Moves cats to this of their freedom-loving nature. But the masters of the missing cat should not succumb to despair, it is important to act correctly that the chances of finding pets are maximum.

Causes of which are the loss and actions of the hosts in such a situation

Cats - big lovers walk "by themselves", hunt behind mice and birds, it is laid in their very nature. All the owners often saw the cat sitting on the windowsill watching the birds fluttering from branch to branch by the window. At the sight of such a picture, the poor man's whole body trembles and his tail twitches, and he himself makes hunting sounds, looks pitifully at you and asks for freedom.

the kitten looks out the window

Watching birds from a window can encourage a cat to go on an adventure.

Even a castrated cat suffers from a lack of communication with its "brethren". And by depriving him of the opportunity to defend his territory, you do not allow him to assert himself, and this is necessary due to the feline instinct.

Therefore, truly loving owners, especially owners of private houses, allow cats to walk on their own. Alas, sometimes cats don't come back after such walks. But even in high-rise buildings, cats can jump out of the window, run out through the open door, run away from the owner in an unfamiliar place. There are many reasons for the loss: animals are scared by someone or something, they went out to hunt, love appeared, they were stolen, they were trapped, they were hit by a car, etc. Sad statistics show that almost half of the missing cats do not return home.

Having discovered the loss of your pet, start searching immediately and do not stop looking for it, hope and believe in success!

What you need to take with you when starting your search

When looking for a missing cat, you need to take with you:

  • an old blanket that can be easily thrown over a cat: a frightened animal will not immediately run to you, but with a blanket you can catch it and protect yourself from the cat's claws;
  • a flashlight for searching in dark rooms, where seals like to hide most of all: a canopy, a basement, an attic, an entrance - these places should be bypassed first of all;
  • a good quality color photograph of the animal.

If the animal is accustomed to dry food, you can take the bowl and shake it, gently and loudly calling the pet.

Time for the search

The owner of the loss should remember that:

  1. If the cat disappears in the late afternoon, there is no need to postpone the search until the morning.
  2. In the morning, you need to go out for searches as early as possible: fewer cars, hurrying people. In addition, in the morning, cats go out of closed rooms, looking for food for themselves.

In the evening, glowing eyes are clearly visible, by which you can detect the loss.

Where to look for a cat first

First of all, you need to inspect the entrance. In a multi-storey building, the inspection should begin by going upstairs, be sure to look behind the chimney pipe, and only then go down to the first floor. Do not ignore the old, obsolete bulky items, especially large cardboard boxes, which are often left right at the entrances.

A teenage kitten ran out of the apartment when the gas pipes were changed at the entrance. They remembered about him, having gathered for dinner: there is no cat. We went to look, but the time was already late. They decided that he would take a walk and return himself. But now the repair is over, but still there is no mustache. We walked around the courtyards, looked into the basements, burnt out, decided that such a beautiful cat had simply been stolen. All this time, the poor fellow lived in a shed, which was placed in the yard for the time of replacing pipes in the house. The workers, seeing the unlucky traveler under the door, let him in, fed him, and he stayed. The renovation was coming to an end, and the animal would have been on the street, if one of the locksmiths had not attached a note to the door of the cabins with a request to "adopt" a beautiful and intelligent cat. The hostess saw this piece of paper and, looking into the house, identified her mature kitten. The workers received a box of beer, and the fugitive was washed for a long time in the bath.

Next, you should inspect the areas under the windows and tall trees. It happens that animals, out of curiosity, simply jump out of the window and can get severe injuries or crash. Often a cat, having climbed onto the highest branch, cannot go down on its own. There were cases that the owners resorted to the help of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to save the "steeplejack".

Cat in the tree

An altitude lover may be afraid to climb down from a tree

To make sure your cat is not hit by a car, take a close look at the sides of nearby roads and highways. Look under cars in parking lots, under benches and bushes, examining them carefully from all sides. Walk around the places where stray cats huddle nearby.

From personal experience. The cat still does not come out for every call. Rather, in the search for a cat, her most beloved person should take an active part. Once we at the dacha could not find a cat for a long time. Objectively, well, he could not escape anywhere from the closed area. Jumping on the fence is not in his habits, digging a tunnel - nafig need to .. But the fact is that there is NO CAT! And his husband was looking for him. I was resting on the second floor from the child)) I hear that my husband, with more and more hysterical intonations, rushes about the site, calling out: “Tim! Tim !!! " In general, he is very worried about the cat and should always know where he is when he walks. Not surprisingly, as a child, my husband lost a jackal at his dacha. Not found. He was very worried. As a result, after a desperate cry: “Masha! The cat is gone !!! " I realized that everything is serious and it's time to join the search. As soon as I went down into the garden and once called the cat, he jumped out from somewhere out of the bushes to me with a joyful "Mama!" So…

Help from neighbors, ads, internet, nurseries

A missing announcement must be made in the local newspaper as early as possible. In addition, you need to stick it up at stops, poles, notice boards. A correctly written ad contains indications of age, gender, a detailed description with a photograph, the name of the animal, and a promise of reward. You should not give up the opportunity to find a cat using ads and videos on the Internet.

missing cat

A correctly composed ad must contain a photo, description, and the name of the animal.

The author of the article found her beloved pet just with the help of an advertisement in the newspaper two weeks after the loss. Although the town is small, it was difficult to find a cat in winter. In search of the loss, we went around all the closed rooms that we met on the way, asked all our acquaintances and strangers. Daily prayers soothed the soul, instilled hope and helped renew the strength to find a pet. There was not a single day when the search stopped. And the work was rewarded!

Go around all close and distant neighbors, showing a photo of a cat. Often teenagers agree to help out for a small fee by catching similar cats. Be sure to chat with the janitors who gossip on the benches by the elderly. Do not forget to ask dog owners who are walking their pets, and may have seen a loss.

Basements, and not only in your house: my friend found her missing cat in a basement three houses from hers. How she begged for keys is another story. Get the wipers involved. Our people have always helped in such searches. And yet - in addition to the basements, inspect the attics, because if the cat ran into the entrance, he could hide in the attic.

If your area has a shelter for homeless four-legged friends, be sure to visit there too. In megacities, you can contact the pet search service, which has a database of lost pets and is directly involved in the search for disappeared pussies.

Video: what to do if a cat is missing

How to catch a found cat

If you find your lost cat, do not rush to immediately grab him in your arms: the found pet will most likely be scared, so be careful. Observe the following procedure:

  1. Track all potential escape routes, try to predict the actions of the animal.
  2. Approach the cat very slowly, preferably with food in hand. hand feeding the cat

    You need to approach the found cat slowly, holding food in your hands.

  3. Reach out to him, let him sniff, so the cat will trust you.
  4. Then, gently hold the cat in your arms.
  5. Make sure that this is your cat: find special signs, check if the pet recognizes you.
  6. If a wound is visible on the cat's body, hold it very carefully without causing additional pain.
  7. Even if the cat looks healthy, it should be shown to the veterinarian after returning home. cat at the vet

    Be sure to take your cat to the vet.

Can a cat return home after a while?

Lost pets often return home on their own after a few days, and there are cases that cats come in six months or more. Is it possible?

The mother-in-law, who lived in a small village, had a cat called Marquis, a handsome black cat with a white apron. Once he disappeared for three days, and returned with a severed front paw, which then healed for a long time. After a while, an angry neighbor announced that he would not stop and kill the cat if he hunted their chickens. A week later, the cat disappeared. The grief-stricken grandmother mentally reproached the neighbors for what she had done. Once, a neighbor reassured her, saying that the cat was not killed, but was taken away from home. The son, who came to his parents for the weekend, put the poor man in the trunk and released him in a suburban forest, 70 km from the village. Since then, the woman prayed to God that the cat would stay alive and that someone would shelter him.

Six months have passed. One frosty snowy day, a woman heard a plaintive meow under the window. Opening the door, she saw on the threshold an exhausted, emaciated Marquis, who stood on three paws and looked at the hostess with frightened and betrayed eyes.

the cat walks in the snow

Even a snowy road is not an obstacle for a cat on the way home.

The return of cats home after a long time is a very real phenomenon! There is still no explanation for such a unique phenomenon. Scientists only guess that cats (especially street cats), due to their ultrasensitivity, are able to perceive even small deviations of the electromagnetic field. Knowing the peculiarities of their territory, they find the right direction to their home doorstep by their “inner compass”.

In France, the cat set an orienteering record, returning home after 7 months and covering a distance of 700 km.

How to prevent the loss of an animal

The first rule is to teach pets to respond to a nickname, which should be concise and not too florid.

Many people castrate or neuter their pets, thinking that in this way they can avoid running away from home. Yes, this procedure will help get rid of many problems: unnecessary breeding, cat tags - but in this case, the cat can run away from home.

In apartments, it is necessary to put metal bars on the windows, since there are plenty of cases of animals falling from the windows. The landing of a cat, unfortunately, is not always successful.

When traveling long distances with your four-legged friend, use sturdy carriers to make it impossible for him to escape from his temporary prison.

Cat on a walk

A cat in a harness will never get lost during a walk

Walk pussies with harnesses, not simple leashes. Be sure to include your phone number on the collar.

The author of the article, after finding the missing cat, found an original way to keep him from running away from home. A small kitty was purchased, for which the cat became a caring "mother". He licked her, taught the rules of a cat's life. When the baby grew up, Ryzhik became a real protector, not allowing other cats to come near her. The main thing is that cats and owners are not bored now, there are two "positivics" in the house. And love, believe me, is enough for two!

The owner with two cats in his arms

Now there are two of them, and they have no desire to leave home

The main thing when a cat is missing is to start looking for a pet as soon as possible, post well-written announcements and call on neighbors for help. But even if all your efforts are unsuccessful, there is no need to despair, because cats have an incredible ability to return home, overcoming huge distances.

It so happens that for various reasons, your favorite striped pussies are lost. Very often, seals, obeying hunting instincts in an attempt to catch a fly or bird, end up on the street.

How to find a lost cat correctly?

Sometimes especially curious and freedom-loving people try to sneak out through the open door of an apartment or house at the moment when the owner returns home. And, unfortunately, searches are not always successful.

But first, a little about how the overwhelming majority of the owners are trying to find a precious pet and how not to do it.

For a start, you should calm down and "pull yourself together." You will not find a cat if you run around the house and along the neighboring streets, heart-rendingly yelling "kitty-kitty-kitty, Barsik!" Moreover, similar help from neighbors in the staircase (or even the entrance) and friends will not help. The pet also has stress and in this state he definitely does not recognize them.

How to find a lost cat correctly?

It also doesn't make much sense to print ads with a photo of an animal and paste it on all pillars and front doors. After all, the fugitive most likely will not seem to your friends, and even strangers will not find him even more so. And it's not a fact that someone, even seeing a similar cat, will run to call you. Indifference is now in everything. But that's not what we're talking about now.

It also makes no sense to write and post on social networks about the disappearance of the mustachioed striped, but it will do to calm the conscience.

If all of the above methods are not effective, then the question is brewing - how to look for a loss? Here are the steps to help you find your pet:

1. Calm down and understand - your beloved cat is now in a new world for himself, which is full of unfamiliar sounds and smells. And even your voice, which he remembered in a calm home environment, may turn out to be completely unknown to him now.

2. Your fugitive is now very scared and paralyzed by fear so much that he is in the nearest basement or any other loophole that will allow him to hide from everyone. And it can sit there for a very long time.

How to find a lost cat correctly?

And although he hears you, as it was already written, he will not recognize. And all the helpers from the Internet will only confuse you, because they saw similar kittens, cats and cats.

3. Inspect all the surrounding places - bushes, basement trellises and roads in search of a place where your pet could sit. Since cats are very flexible creatures, consider holes that are smaller than the thickness of the animal's body. But keep in mind two criteria: run FAST and hide RELIABLY.

4. Decide on the intended place of shelter (there may be more than one) and sprinkle some cat litter with the scent of your cat near it. The scent will be home-like and soothing, and the cat will appear next to the litter.

5. As soon as you have confirmed information that the pet appears where you thought or if you saw it yourself, then slowly try to call him. Remember - for him everything is different now, both light and sound. Let the fugitive get used to the sound of your voice again. Lure him with a treat or food and carefully, without frightening the pet, take him and carry him home.

How to find a lost cat correctly?

And in any case, do not lose hope and do not give up the search. Believe that your mustachioed-striped pet will definitely be found.

Take care of yourself and your pets!

When considering such an important issue of how to find a missing cat, much depends on where he lives, therefore, in such cases, a competent organization of the search for a pet is required. Cats are very freedom-loving and if the opportunity arises, they easily leave the confines of their home and can get lost.

Preparatory activities for the search

In order to return a lost cat, you must immediately start searching after the loss is found. Pets often run away from home, fall out of the balcony due to increased curiosity arising from the activity of hormones.

Successful searches largely depend on the implementation of certain preparatory activities:

  • using a flashlight, because in the dark, cats' eyes reflect optical light, which contributes to faster detection of the missing animal. During the search, it is necessary to explore the darkest and most secluded places, and when night falls, the pet can crawl out of its shelter (for example, the basement of a residential building, ventilation, boiler room);
  • binoculars and other optics. In such cases, you can find your pet at a distance and not scare him away, as he can be in a very stressful state. The devices allow you to thoroughly study the terrain within a few kilometers (dense thickets, forest, other hard-to-reach places);
  • you can find a missing pet with the help of your favorite toys, since many cats observe the surrounding actions from the shelter and can jump out into the street at the sight of familiar and dear objects;
  • treats for cats. Shaking dry food in a jar can be one of the favorite sounds for a cat, so this method can also help in finding an animal;
  • the use of a clicker, since such a sound device is associated with the pet getting a treat. If he hears these sounds, he can quickly return to his place of residence.

If the cat has run away from home, then its owner should pull himself together, calm down and plan the correct search plan. Lack of panic will give faster results and help you find your missing pet.

Video: If the cat is missing ...

Probable places in which the animal can hide

Dealing with the issue of an escaped domestic cat, how to find it requires an investigation of the likely missing spots. In practice, the animal can roughly hide in the following places:

  • entrances from the upper floors, while in parallel you need to try to inspect baby carriages, buckets, shoes, other items located on staircases, places near the garbage chute;
  • basement, attic. In order to open these premises, you should contact the housing office and get the keys to the doors;
  • carrying out searches on the street, since cats love elevated places and can be on a tree, a roof of a house, a pillar, a balcony, a tall bush;
  • in winter, a cat can hide in places such as heating pipes, a car engine, a heating radiator located at the entrance;
  • possible search locations on the street (garage, shed, other utility rooms);
  • in many cases, the animal is lost on the street precisely in hard-to-reach places, therefore storm drains, sewers, drainpipes are subject to verification;
  • in search of a cat, a hungry animal is often found near garbage cans and places of food preparation (a canteen kitchen or a cafe located near the house).

Possible missing places in the house:

  • inspection of furniture, wardrobe, niche, place under the bed;
  • the upper part of the cabinet, sideboard, furniture wall, since cats love to hide in these secluded places;
  • empty boxes and other containers that can fit the animal;
  • washing machine window, which is constantly open and ventilated;
  • balcony and adjacent structures.

The search for a cat in the country is significantly complicated due to the large territory, great access to wild nature (proximity to a forest, a river), and a possible collision with wild animals. In this case, the pet can take refuge in a neighbor's house, so it is important to check this option.

During search activities, the animal must be called by name, try to rustle with its favorite food, or wear a toy familiar to it, since these factors can facilitate the task and find the missing cat on the street.

How to find an animal on the street

It is rather difficult to search for a frightened animal, since a cat can hide in a secluded place for a long time (for 2–4 days), therefore it is necessary to organize a correct search and thoroughly check possible places.

Often a pet can be found in the company of street cats, since sex hormones play a role, and it is drawn outside during active mating games. If it is important that the animal is completely domesticated, then it must be sterilized.

In some cases, after searching, the cat does not want to return home at all, so homemade traps (cardboard boxes or other suitable container) may be needed.

How to find an animal on the street

A cat that finds itself in an unknown environment hides for a long time (for 5–6 days) and does not go out into the street. She starves and becomes unadapted to the conditions that have arisen.

At the same time, animals do not run long distances, so searches are best carried out within a radius of several kilometers from home. Cats are under severe stress, so they may simply not respond to their name or favorite treat.

Cats lost on the street often like to hide under cars in the yard, so these places should be checked first.

What to do if you could not find the missing cat in the first days

When searching for a missing cat, it is not always possible to find him quickly, but you cannot leave this venture and you need to continue the undertaken event. Some recommendations:

  1. placement of advertisements about the search for an animal in the area of ​​residence, indicating external data, photos, the amount of remuneration. In this case, the form can be hung in veterinary clinics that are located in the district;
  2. social networks (in contact, classmates), since there are special groups where you can post information about the loss of an animal. This technique is quite effective as the ad can be read by a large number of people.

The above methods can help in search even after a long time, since the animal can serve in any place.

At the same time, such ads can take advantage of fraudsters to obtain their own benefits:

  1. The call is carried out, and the owner notify that his animal was found;
  2. Most often, the voice of the caller is absolutely calm, measured and does not cause any suspicion;
  3. The person then requires a remuneration in a friendly tone with the transmission of an animal after a while (several hours, in the morning or evening);
  4. At the same time, fraudsters often ask to replenish the card number or mobile phone as a remuneration, and then disappear;
  5. If you refuse to transfer money, the owner may make threats (for example, kill the animal or do not give it anymore, but to throw it out).

In order to prevent the development of such events, the following measures must be taken:

  1. Ask for the possibility of providing a photo with any electronic resource (MMS message, Viber, Mail, woom an AP);
  2. Checking the animal's nickname when the name is incorrect and if the cat responds, then this is a fraudulent scheme;
  3. Checking the presence of special will apply or clarify any other characteristic features of the animal. If the confusion begins, then, most likely it is simply fraudsters try to illegally get a reward.

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Useful Tips

Useful advice from specialists when searching for a missing animal:

  • gradual expansion zone of search only after a thorough inspection of all houses and other places located nearby;
  • Searching activities are best carried out at different times of the day, as frightened pets can go out of their shelters in the evening or at night when it is dark;
  • Call of pet, the use of your favorite feed, toys, the clicker is best used early in the morning or either late in the evening, as it becomes quiet on the street, and the animal can hear familiar sounds and run on them;
  • The search is best to implement with assistants, as it is quite difficult to inspect the extensive territories alone. Additional assistance can accelerate the receipt of positive news;
  • Filming up information from foreign people (neighbors, children walking on the site, pensioners on benches). You can show the photo of the animal, leave contact details and find out if anyone has seen it in nearby surroundings;
  • You can also contact the janitor or permanent residents who often feed homeless animals and can meet in their way the lost cat.

What to do when the cat is found

If the missing cat was found, then at the first meeting, he may experience discomfort and be in stressful state due to a sharp change of circumstances and finding a long time in an unknown situation.

To the found animal you need to carefully approach, show the delicacy to lure and not sigh it. The hungry animal will gradually suit meals and then it can be carefully trying to take it.

After the animal has found it necessary to inspect it and reveal the possible availability of wounds, injuries, fleas and worms. Such events are carried out when visiting the veterinary clinic.

At first, it is necessary to limit the amount of food, since the ribbon animal can throw on the products and to get strong digestive disorders. Best of all fractional food is up to several times a day.

What to do when the cat is found

Additionally, it is necessary to take preventive measures to prevent the repeated loss of the animal:

  • access on the street must be limited for some time, or regular observation of the animal must be ensured;
  • it is necessary to accustom the cat to its nickname, which should be simple and not intricate. This will make it easier to find the animal if it gets lost;
  • carrying out castration, sterilization, since the animal's sexual instincts are dulled, and it becomes more calm. Moreover, this method does not exclude the risks of his loss from home;
  • the installation of metal bars on windows, especially in multi-storey buildings, since their landing is not always successful for the general state of health;
  • the use of durable carriers, special harnesses instead of a collar when moving the owner with the cat for long distances;
  • chipping cats and the presence of a special collar will help you quickly find them, since the chip indicates information about their place of residence;
  • you can also try to train your cat to walk outside so that he can return home on his own. At the same time, it takes an indefinite amount of time to develop such a habit.

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How long does it take for a lost cat to return?

Life experiences show that lost cats can return home after several months or even years. According to statistics, up to 50% of lost owners find their pets healthy and unharmed.

65% of cases confirm the fact that cats return home from distant places (dacha, village, or other places where the animal stays early). Intensive searching, patience and perseverance increase the chances of finding the missing item within a short time.

Therefore, if the cat suddenly disappeared, then you need to immediately start searching in all possible places. In this case, the animal can independently return home after some time. Much depends on the pet and the resulting circumstances of each specific situation.

It is best to do your best and try to check all the options available. The loss of a beloved pet is an unpleasant business, but it is quite solvable, provided that the recommendations presented are followed.


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