If you have already read our introductory guide for beginners, and now want to play Slither io with a friend, then we recommend reading this short article.

Since the developers of the sensational snake in a modern way are not the creators without the famous Agario, the principle of connecting to multiplayer is practically the same. Unfortunately, there is no such function by default and you need to install several mods in your browser. All modifications are checked and 100% working, and if you have any difficulties, then unsubscribe in the comments - we will help you in any way we can.

After installation, you will also have additional functions in addition to being able to play together, for example, a zoom camera and a choice of graphics settings. The whole thing will be on the main screen, where you need to enter a nickname.

Slither io mod for playing with a friend

So, let's start the step-by-step instructions for installing the Slither io mod, which allows you to play with a friend.

  1. We download a plugin for the Chrome \ Opera or Mozilla browser called Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey (For Firefox) and they are completely free. Link to the plugin in the official stores of these browsers, so you can safely install it.
  2. We follow this link this linkand click Install (a window will open as in the screenshot below for the Chrome \ Opera browser).

  1. Then we go to the game itself and if a mod appeared under the field for entering the nickname (screen below), then you did everything right. Under the server selection column, you can control the graphics settings - lags are noticed on slow computers with a large number of players.
  1. All that is left to your friend is to pass the server ip address. You can find you by coordinates, which are now displayed on the right side of the screen.

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Hello dear friends, you know or not, but I am the creator of this mod and today I will tell you about it in more detail!

This mod has a lot of goodies, such as chat, music, servers!

Here's a screenshot for you:

(FriendEX mod) How to play Slither.io with a friend on the same server !?


What do you need to do? (Google Chrome browser required)

1. Install this extension:


2. Install the script. Russian version:



English here


Click on the "Install" button, then you will be transferred to a new page, there we poke the "Install" button.

3. That's it, now run to play with your friends through the Slither.io website!

Latest updates:

Update mod / Mod update v1.3

* add vk group

/ Added group

* fix interface

/ Fixed interface

* fix bad translate

/ Corrected translation into English. versions

* update chat

/ updated chat

* add live informer

/ added live informer

Information on updating the mod can be found here:

Pumpkin IMPORTANT! Before looking for a server to play with a friend, refresh the page at the same time.

Please write here about the bugs found:


You can leave your comments about the fashion here:

Pumpkin Slizario MLG game

Here you can play the online game for free - Slizario MLG, original name - Slizario MLG. The game has been played 317426 times and was rated 4.3 out of 5 with 370 votes.

  • Release date: November 2019
  • Developer: My games island
  • Platform: Web Browser (PC only)
  • Technology: html5 ... Works in all modern browsers
  • The ability to play in full screen
  • Age category: 12 +

How to play?

So, who does your snake think it is today? Will she be the poor little pig from the series of games about angry birds, or will she be an alien constantly trying to conquer the highest platforms, or maybe a cheerful rainbow cat? In general, make the choice for her to start the game faster and become the largest character on the map. So, the choice is made, and we hope you are ready to devour the nutrients on the map to grow to insane sizes. In addition to ordinary food, you can attack one of the players, but at the same time try not to die yourself, so as not to become a listener to the sad sound composition accompanying the death of your hero. This may not happen, only then learn to move with lightning speed, and then none of the rivals will catch up with you. Do not forget that by moving at such a speed and making such sounds you are losing mass, and this is what you are here for with the same players as you!

How to play together on the same server at Slither.io


Hello dear friends! MidcoreShow presents to your attention a small manual for the game, thanks to which you can learn how to play with friends on the same server in Slither.io This is a game that has already managed to create a rustle on the Internet from the creators of another not unknown browser game. Agar.io You can also see how we got to the second place on the server and earned more than 25 thousand points!

Enjoy watching everyone!

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If you have a desire to play this new toy with your friend, then this is possible only in the chrome browser, and here you need to download the extension and install it on your computer. And then you take the script you want, here on this service, then install it and you can safely play with your friend. Don't forget to reboot your machine after installation.

The slither io game is now becoming very popular, a simple plot of the game, over which you don't need to think too much, the main thing is not to let yourself be eaten, and this will require skill.

And the main thing is, in fact, attention, in order to withstand the battle and rise in the top of this game, which can be seen on the game board.

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