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What is Bluestacks

Today, the IT market is continuously replenished with a mass of interesting and useful applications, high-quality gaming and entertainment content. Unfortunately, most of them have no "computer" counterparts, forcing users to constantly look for ways to install their favorite program on a PC. This problem can be solved simply - download the latest version of BlueStacks for your computer and install any Android programs.


BlueStacks is a multifunctional emulator program that allows you to adapt Android content to the parameters of the operating system of a laptop, netbook or PC. You can download the latest version of BlueStacks from our website at the appropriate link.

The date of the first issue is considered to be 2011. According to statistical indicators, the number of users has exceeded 100 million, and the unique LayerCake technology has long been recognized and financially supported by the leaders of the IT market - Intel, AMD, Samsung and Qualcomm.

The creators claim 86% of supported Android games. And the percentage of available applications is even higher - 96%. This "smart" utility emulates the required parameters, allowing you to use it at full capacity: play, test mobile software on computer platforms, and also open access to streaming by creating your own stream channel.

The utility mimics most of the "android" hardware features:

  • Screen rotation. When deployed, the application must be restarted.
  • Creation of screenshots and the ability to save them in Windows folders.
  • Automatic control adjustment. This is especially true in games where the touchpad plays the role of keys.

Ease of management deserves special attention. Now, if you want to install your favorite toy, just find the corresponding file and start the installation process using Bluestax on your PC. The "smart" mechanism will independently select the necessary parameters, and you can enjoy the gameplay without restrictions.

After authorization, the emulator will check if you have an Android device and offer to sync your PC with it.

On first launch, you will be presented with a Tablet Desktop window. Most of the screen is reserved for the virtual system; on the left, on a separate panel, there are some hardware functions of tablets and smartphones and sections of additional features.

The workspace can be roughly divided into three parts:

  • The upper part is the "working area" where the settings and windows of running programs are located. All tabs are arranged like tabs in a standard browser, which is very convenient.
  • The central area contains popular software products. A nice little thing - they are all sorted by rating, only those who occupy the top positions in GooglePlay ratings get to the "desktop".
  • The left area is reserved for the Android menu. All settings and additional options are located here.

In the "Settings" it is worth paying attention to the "Preferences" tab, where you can restore factory auto-settings, set a backup of files, and optimize the receipt of notifications.

If you are not satisfied with the amount of system resources consumed by the emulator, go to the "System" section. In Bluestax on a computer, there is an adjustment of the amount of allocated RAM, a limitation on the number of processor cores involved and setting DPI (the number of pixels per inch).

When restricting allocated resources, pay attention to the requirements of the toy launched - some of their varieties will not work with such restrictions. Download bluestacks latest version

The main features of the emulator

With its main task (imitating an android environment on PC platforms), this program copes excellent. In addition to the main function, there are still a number of opportunities designed for the most comfortable use:

  • Running "imitation" in full screen mode with preservation of image quality.
  • Synchronization of software of your PC and smartphone. This uses the built-in CloudConnect service.
  • Transfer the desired files from the system folders to a virtual SD card.
  • Quite a large number of pre-installed utilities.
  • Downloading from official sources - googlePlay or Applestore, which reduces the risk of acquiring poor-quality software.
  • Android simulator on the PC has a large setup database that allow you to fully arrange the application for your own requirements.
  • Run the installation process directly from APK file. At the same time, the installation holders do not necessarily load on a virtual SD card, specifically for downloading on the side toolbar there is a key that opens the conductor to specify the path to the necessary files stored on the disk.
  • Bluestacks TV. This is an independent client designed for the streaming of android games. It can be joined by an existing online broadcast, leave your comments in the collective chat. It is also possible to create its own streaming broadcast using streaming video on FacebookLive and services.


  • Game controllers (using the mouse and keyboard, the possibility of personalizing game controllers, and mobile geiming on the PC will become more efficient and accurate).
  • Shooting mode (sight and shooting using mouse and keyboard).
  • Moba mode (Special control schemes: mouse and keyboard, best coordination of eyes and hands).
  • Multi-color (one or more games from one or more accounts).
  • Window synchronization (in multi-optical mode, duplicate all steps performed on the main screen, in additional windows in real time).
  • Macros (macro creation is available only for games whose developers support this option).
  • Pharmacy mode (launch of several windows at the same time, reducing the use of processor resources and active farm).
  • Reroll (several calls at the same time and accelerate the process of obtaining powerful heroes).
  • Scripts (creation and launch of scripts to automate the use of repetitive actions).
  • The high FPS value (activate the high frame rate (FPS) and enjoy the gameplay).
  • HD graphics (you can consider all the details, the best response time is high quality graphics).

"Eco Mode"

Eco Bluestacks mode reduces system resource consumption allows you to select FPS.

You can enable eco mode as in one separate window or in all windows BlueStacks.

Activating ECO mode in one window reduces resource consumption only in it. Run the game and click on the icon in the form of three points on the Bluestacks toolbar. Next, select Eco Mode.

To optimize performance for all windows, you should enable Eco mode in all windows. Enable Eco mode in all BlueStacks windows can be using window manager. In the window manager, click the slider next to the ECO Mode. Exit the window manager, press the button in the form of X.

After activating Eco mode, you will see a pop-up window with a hint about the availability of additional settings. You can turn on and off the sound and the ability to select an FPS value from 1 to 30. Eco mode allows you to save your system resources when playing from multiple accounts at the same time.

Gamepads Supported on BlueStacks 4

Gamepads Supported on BlueStacks (Manufacturers): Logitech; PDB; Redgear; Xbox One; PS4.

Game Control Menu

In the BlueStacks Game Controls menu, you can enable or disable the use of Game Controls. You can also view or edit the current game control scheme. Most importantly, you can create new game controllers and control the on-screen controllers. To open this menu, on the BlueStacks side toolbar, click on the keyboard icon.

Game recording

Press Ctrl + Shift + R or click on the video camera icon on the toolbar. You need to install a video recorder. To stop recording, press Ctrl + Shift + R again or click on the video camera icon on the toolbar. The message “Recording saved” will appear. The video will be saved in a special folder on your PC.

How to install Bluestacks on computer

There is nothing difficult in downloading Bluestacks to your computer. The process is almost completely automatic, and the entire instruction consists of several simple steps, the main thing is to follow the sequence:

  • Download the installation file.
  • When the file is uploaded, click the Run button.
  • After the installation is complete, an initialization window will appear.
  • Next, enter your google account details or create a new one.
  • As soon as the process is completed and a window with a tablet interface opens, you can start working.

Installing Bluestacks 5

On February 15, 2021, Bluestacks version 5 (beta), the Performance Champion, was released: 40% faster installation, 40% less RAM consumption, the largest game library - more than 2 million games, the trust of 500+ million players.

BlueStacks 5 will install on computers that meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.
  • Processor: Intel or AMD.
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM minimum.
  • Hard Drive: 5 GB of free disk space.

What's new:

  • Provides fast and smooth gameplay (uses 40% less RAM compared to other platforms).
  • Installation and configuration of the platform is 40% faster.
  • BlueStacks 5 consumes significantly less CPU resources and maintains a stable FPS during long gaming sessions.
  • Multi-window with active Eco mode reduces the use of processor and video card resources by 87% and 97%, respectively.
  • More than 2 million games and applications.
  • High stability: Long sessions and marathons await you.
  • The ability to launch games and select the desired frame rate (no FPS jumps).
  • The safest gaming platform.

Download BlueStacks 5 (beta) on your computer

These are the default settings for BlueStacks 5.

Installation is similar to previous versions. Download BlueStacks 5 from the link above (1.15 MB) and start the installation.

Next, you will need to enter your Google login and password to access Google Play.

BlueStacks 5 start window.

Installing Bluestacks 4


BlueStacks 3 cannot be upgraded to BlueStacks 4. To install the latest version of BlueStacks 4, you must uninstall previous versions.

Removing a previous version

System Settings - Uninstall Programs - find BlueStacks and click on uninstall.

What's new? Increase in productivity. The developers conducted a series of performance tests in which BlueStacks 4 were compared against the best Android smartphones - OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Part of these tests was to compare the performance of the ten most popular games. These numbers demonstrate that BlueStacks 4 is the best platform for Android PC gaming.

Installing the latest version of BlueStacks

Run the installation file, click - Install now.

The unpacking of files to your PC or laptop begins.

Next is setting up your account in the emulator.

Returned to Bluestacks 4 - account creation. Bluestacks 3 didn't. You can choose for yourself or for a child.

If you have an account, enter your details.

Without removing the autorun checkbox, the emulator starts immediately. At the bottom you see Google Play - the app store and the first icon - the App Center. There you can see TOPs of games.

Version history Bluestacks

Screenshots of Bluestax 3 installation

Screenshots of Bluestax 2 installation

Screenshots of Bluestax installation

Run bluestacks.exe

Run bluestacks.exe

Selecting the bluestacks installation folder

Selecting the bluestacks installation folder

Check the access boxes

Check the access boxes

Installing bluestacks - a few minutes, wait!

Installing bluestacks - a few minutes, wait!

Loading channels

Loading channels

Geodata is being refined, you can skip the step

Geodata is being refined, you can skip the step

Application directory opens

Application directory opens

One-time setup

One-time setup

Sign in with an existing account or create a new one

Sign in with an existing account or create a new one

Login to your Google Play account

Login to your Google Play account

Advantages and disadvantages

The most noticeable advantage is the high percentage of compatibility with android applications. According to the developers and test data, Bluestax is compatible with 96% of "android" applications and 86% of mobile games.


You can also highlight a number of significant advantages that provide Bluestax with growing popularity:

  • Free distribution. You can install and use the program absolutely free, after installing Launcher, access to the built-in Google Play opens. She also successfully cooperates with all well-known markets: Amazon Appstore, Apple Store, etc.
  • Easy and quick installation. Asking the question “How to install Bluestax on a computer?”, You can always use the simplest instructions of several steps.
  • Simple and intuitive interaction. According to user reviews, even the English language of the general menu does not interfere with the controls.
  • 16 pre-installed games and applications. An additional plus - they all have high ratings.
  • Unlimited number of installed programs, comfortable search bar.
  • Functioning in both windowed and full screen mode.
  • Attractive graphic design.
  • The ability to install and run 3D games with a cache.
  • Most of the settings of the Android platform, almost completely duplicating the settings of your phone or tablet.
  • Synchronization with a tablet or smartphone, allowing you to make calls, make changes to the phone book, take photos and send SMS messages. To sync, you need an account in the emulator.
  • By downloading Bluestax to your computer, you will be able to launch the installation directly from the APK files stored on your PC.
  • Having your own streaming service, with which you can participate in existing online streams, or create your own.


Despite the impressive list of advantages, there are still disadvantages in this client:

  • "Voracity". This is the main problem, since the service consumes quite a lot of RAM during operation. The RAM consumption process can be controlled with the limiting allocation option. It is located in the "System" tab.
  • Complex removal. After downloading the emulator, it will be quite difficult to remove it.
  • Lack of desktop wallpaper. This defect cannot be attributed to serious disadvantages, however, from the first launch it can lead you into a stupor - the initial desktop will in no way resemble the windows of your mobile device. This can be easily handled by special utilities from the Play Marketa, offering a huge selection of "android" wallpapers.
  • Bugs and errors. When interacting with other software, BlueStacks can be "buggy" and slow down, but in recent developments, the creators have successfully dealt with this problem.

Similar applications

  • Andy ... Multifunctional mobile operating system that runs on Windows or Mac PC platforms. The creators claim that Andy is a direct competitor to Bluestax and YouWave. One of the main advantages is multi-platform and the use of a smartphone as a controller. It also supports multitouch mode, synchronization with mobile devices. A serious drawback is that it does not work with all AMD processors; installation will require the processor to support the SSSE3 instruction set.
  • Genymotion ... A new word in mobile content testing and development. Genymotion is capable of performing the functions of an emulator, however, its main purpose is to test the developed content. The main advantage is the simultaneous interaction with several images of Android devices and quick switching between them. While the product is free, in the future it is planned to split into a commercial (extended) version and a basic version.
  • Youwave ... It copes well with "light" utilities, such as Instagram, Viber or WhatsApp, however, when loading "bulky" toys, it starts to "freeze". The main advantage is the lowest system requirements among similar products. The main disadvantage is paid distribution. There is also a free option, but it is as limited as possible in functionality.
  • Nox App Player ... A novelty in the "emulator" line, which firmly occupies a place in the leading three. Nox manufacturers guarantee 100% interoperability with all types of processors, including AMD. The main drawback is that it is not available for Mac OSX, but the creators promise the release of the "Mac version".

System requirements

Multifunctionality and multitasking have seriously affected the system requirements. The utility is quite "finicky" and will ask for rather high technical characteristics:

Minimum system requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.
  • Processor: Intel or AMD.
  • RAM: Your PC must have a minimum of 2 GB of RAM (Note that 2 GB or more of free hard disk space is not a replacement for RAM).
  • HDD: 5 GB free space.
  • Administrator rights on your PC.
  • Current video card drivers from the chipset manufacturer or Microsoft (you can do this on the official sites: ATI, Nvidia).

BlueStacks 4 will run on systems that meet the minimum requirements. However, other specifications are recommended for the best gaming experience.

Recommended system requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Multi-Core (PassMark greater than 1000) or higher with virtualization enabled in BIOS.
  • Graphics card: Intel / Nvidia / ATI, integrated or discrete (PassMark greater than or equal to 750).
  • RAM: 8 GB or more.
  • HDD: SSD (or hybrid).
  • Network: broadband.
  • Up-to-date video card drivers from the chipset manufacturer or Microsoft.

Depending on the "age" of the operating system, in order to download Bluestax to your computer, you may also need additional parameters:

  • To install on Vista, the OS will need to be upgraded to ServicePack 2 or higher. Otherwise, you will need to use Windows Update.
  • To download on Windows XP, you need to update the system to ServicePack 3, Windows Instaler 4.5 and installed .NET Framework 2.0 SP2.

By default, Windows has a balanced power plan. However, most PCs also have Power Save and High Performance modes. Additionally, your PC manufacturer may have set their own power plan. We recommend choosing High Performance Mode to improve BlueStacks performance.

It is recommended to disable hypervisors (Hyper-V, VirtualBox) and antivirus software temporarily to speed up the emulator program.


Despite the active expansion of the "emulator" line, Bluestacks is confidently holding its leading position. Its smooth operation, "cozy" design, multiplatformity and constant release of updates with bug fixes ensure a leading position among the "brethren". An additional bonus - you don't have to pay to use it, unlike the popular YouWave.

Downloading Bluestacks for your computer is easy and simple, you have to tinker with the uninstallation. This emulator successfully reproduces the Android environment on any PC, allowing you to enjoy all the variety of entertainment and software content. Problems can arise when installing on outdated systems, but in this case, using Windows Update will help.

Download BlueStacks to your computer

Operating system: Windows7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: BlueStacks
Russian language: there is
Price: Shareware

Download installer for BlueStacks 4

Download BlueStacks App Player on your computer

Download BlueStacks 4

Download BlueStacks App Player on your computer

Download BlueStacks 5 (Beta)

Download BlueStacks 5 (beta) on your computer

Let's start with the most important one, with the description. After all, if you found this article, then you still do not know everything about this program. By itself, BlueStacks App Player is a free program for using Android applications on a computer for Windows or Mac OS. As will be understood later, this is a very interesting emulator for Android owners. With it, all applications from the phone can be opened on the computer. Which is very convenient in itself! The program works quite quickly and stably if you have a sufficiently capacious processor. It allows you to use both the keyboard and the sensor, which makes it even more unique.

How to install the BlueStacks emulator and what is it good for?

How do I get started installing BlueStacks?

Before deciding to install, you need to find the download source. You can download the program at Many users, if they have any questions, can immediately get all the answers. Then, after downloading the program, you need to install it. So let's get started. An important condition is that you have a Google account. Follow all installation instructions! After agreeing to accept the terms of the program, choose the language with which it is more convenient to work, and the disk space where the program can fit. Then the installation wizard will do everything.

BlueStacks shortcuts!

After the installation has taken place, three shortcuts will appear on the monitor. These will be Start BlueStacks, Apr, Bluestacks update. What does the Start BlueStacks shortcut mean and how do I use it? It's just starting the program that starts it all. Double click on the icon and you're done. App is also a very important component of the program, which allows you to install other games and applications that you need. The BlueStacks update shortcut, which is the third on the desktop, and will be used for constant updates, which in principle is already understandable.

How do I use BlueStacks?

Now we come to the most anticipated - how to use BlueStacks on a computer. We will carefully analyze everything for each item.

When opening this program for the first time, it is worth setting up. Several questions need to be answered. As an example, are you really an Android user? The answer must be positive. You also need to enter your phone number and email, as with regular registration. After that, a confirmation letter will be sent to the mail, where there will be a description of further actions. Information about your Android may be required. Everything is ready to use. After opening the program, all the icons of your games will be displayed on the monitor. These will be all the applications that are on the phone. There are also bookmarks where you can place your favorite games. To unleash BlueStacks in all its features, just update it in time and have fun!

Why do I need Bluestacks on my computer?

Most often, users encounter this program while cleaning a computer or when viewing all programs installed on it. The question arises not only about what kind of program it is, but also how it got to the computer, because in 99% of cases no one installs it on purpose.

You will find answers to these questions in this article.

What are Bluestacks?

This software package is nothing more than an emulator of the Android operating system, which is installed on many modern smartphones and tablets. With it, you can run games and programs designed for Android smartphones on your computer running the Windows operating system.

What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks working window

The working window of the program is an analogue of the desktop, which can be seen on any android device. To use it fully (Play Market), you need to connect your Google account.

what is Bluestacks

Game operation via Bluestacks App Player

Most often it gets on a Bluestacks computer with a game that requires it for its work, for example Roblox. Download and install the game, and Bluestacks (aka Bluestacks App Player) is installed automatically.

Can I delete?

If you do not plan to use any applications that run through Bluestacks, then you can safely delete it.


Bluestacks is a specialized environment that imitates the Android operating system with which you can run applications developed for Android on a Windows computer or laptop.

For lovers of practical and multifunctional software, we offer you to get acquainted with a successful and popular product. ВlueStacks, what is this program , what are its capabilities, how it can be interesting, and most importantly, useful to our users, we will tell you in more detail. But first, we recommend our readers to always carefully study the characteristics, parameters and system requirements of any new software product that you want to download and install on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet, in order to limit yourself and your office equipment from possible errors and malfunctions. So what is Bluestacks App Player? what is this program and what are its functions.

Meet the BlueStacks App Player


BlueStacks App Player - an irreplaceable and powerful free utility that can run applications from Android on computers, tablets, laptops with Windows operating systems (7, 8, XP, Vista) or Mac. This player works in two modes: windowed and full screen, handy to support all applications from Google's Play Market and helps to penetrate the file system.

Bluestacks App Player features:

  • without a smartphone allows you to run Android applications;
  • the ability to sync files between your phone and your computer;
  • thanks to the ADB supported by the tool, it detects and debugs errors in the device;
  • allows you to play 3D games;
  • has a virtual disk (SD card);
  • gets Root access to files;
  • successfully cooperates with Google Play, Amazon Appstore, etc.

In addition, BluStax has an intelligible interface and a Russian-language version.

The manufacturers of this player declare its unique capabilities - to create a native Android environment on a PC. You can use your computer to make changes to your phone book, make calls, send SMS, take photos, etc. The program runs at a commendably high speed and supports both touchpads and touch screens. In addition, an important advantage of this product is its availability in a free download. Those users who have installed this program for themselves, for the most part, share extremely positive feedback about its work.


Find and download the bluestacks emulator on the official website. This procedure, by its ease, is available even to beginners. You just need to carefully follow the command steps of the installation wizard for this application and follow these recommendations. The only prerequisite for installation is to have a Google account. If your registration is not there, you will have to do so and agree to the terms of the licensed version. After successful installation, three new shortcuts will appear on your PC desktop. Their appearance may lead to new questions, for example: a shortcut with the name Start bluestacks, what is the program and what to do with it ?. Don't be scared, we will explain in detail:

  • label number 1. Start BlueStacks - launches the program;
  • label number 2. Apps - downloads files for Android;
  • label number 3. BlueStacks - updates the application.


"bluestacks menu"
"Bluestacks menu"
"installing bluestax 4 step"
"Installation bluestax 4 step"

First you need to click on the Start BlueStacks shortcut. In the window that appears, you will see buttons with the words “My applications”, “Best applications”, etc. indicated on them. There will also be an icon with a magnifying glass (“Search”). This button will help you search for your favorite games or other programs. Then you install them on the emulator, test if you want, and after approval, move them to your computer.

System requirements for installing this software are not particularly stringent: you need 2 Gigabytes (no less!) RAM and the presence of a normal video adapter. If you don't have a good video card, you can download and install it on the web.

Basic settings

Before you start using the emulator, there are some basic settings you need to make. Everything here is exactly the same as with a new smartphone or tablet computer. The first thing to do is enter your Gmail email address and password, choose the appropriate language, and agree to the terms of use.

Login to your account
Login to your account

Also, if you wish, you can configure the backup function, enter payment information in Google Play. The emulator looks like Android OS on a tablet computer in landscape orientation.

Google Play authorization
Google Play authorization

Key features

  • Launching mobile applications on Windows PC;
  • Full Debug Bridge support;
  • Launching 3D games;
  • Google Play and Amazon Appstore support;
  • Working with virtual memory cards;
  • Full access to Root rights.

Installing Applications

You can install games and applications through Google Play, the icon of which is located on the desktop. It is also convenient to install software from apk-files. There is an "Install APK" icon on the left toolbar. After clicking on it, an explorer will open, with which you need to select the desired file.

Installing games and applications
Installing games and applications

There is another, much easier way - open the distribution folder and simply drag the apk file into the emulator window, after which the installation process will begin. Applications are removed by holding down the icon with the left mouse button - the "Delete" button will appear at the top of the screen, onto which you should drag the file. Apps and games can also be uninstalled in the system settings.

System Applications
System Applications

Working with files

A good file manager is required to open files on your computer's hard drive using the emulator. By default, a simple file manager is installed in BlueStacks, but for work it is better to choose a more advanced solution, for example, ES Explorer or Total Commander, which give access to all files on the computer's disk. But from the Windows environment, you will not be able to work with files that are stored in the emulator storage. Windows Explorer does not see BlueStacks virtual storage.

File manager
File manager

Other possibilities

Since computers do not have accelerometer options, this function can be used through the keyboard. In the settings it is easy to set a suitable screen resolution, where the minimum is 960 by 540 pixels, and the maximum is 2560 by 1440.

Screen Resolution Settings
Screen Resolution Settings

There is a function of synchronizing the emulator with a physical mobile device, so you can quickly access documents, services, applications from a PC.

Performance and management settings
Performance and management settings