It is necessary to wet the paper, then run a little soap over it and glue it.It is necessary to wet the paper, then run a little soap over it and glue it.

WINDOW DECORATIONS (VYTYNANKI): instructions for use

It is necessary to wet the paper, then run a little soap over it and glue it.It is necessary to wet the paper, then run a little soap over it and glue it.

So, we found out:

The most interesting thing is that thin paper will adhere perfectly, just wet.

Where to start a practical acquaintance with vytynanki? The most interesting thing is that thin paper will adhere perfectly, just wet.

How and on what to cut window decorations? The most interesting thing is that thin paper will adhere perfectly, just wet.

What kind of paper to use to cut out window decorations?

It remains to deal with a couple of final points:

- how exactly to cut out large-format window decorations;

- how to attach decorations to windows.

They also use diluted kefir, starch paste (very thin).


Let me remind you that we are talking about carving jewelry by hand. For this purpose, PDF templates are provided.

In our kits, PDF templates are presented on A1 sheets and A4 sheets. And they're completely print-ready!


Templates ON SHEETS A1 are designed to be printed directly on paper from which the decorations will be cut (for example, on Whatman paper or thinner paper for a plotter in rolls - for more information about types of paper for vytynanka, read the post at the link above).


In this case, all templates are printed in their entirety. Accordingly, it SAVES TIME on the production of decorations: printed it out and you can immediately cut it out.

And you can use the large-format printing service at the nearest copy center or in a printing house.

In order to glue the vytynak to the window, you can use a soap solution prepared at home. Or you can even slightly wet the soap and run it over the vytynak. And then attach the vytynak to the window. Will adhere perfectly.

The only negative is that you have to pay for it. If you need a lot of templates, the amount can be quite significant. A good solution in this case can be a collective payment for the service (by the forces of the parent committee, for example).

Perhaps someone at work has a printing plotter that can be used "by pull" - this is a great help!


If, for one reason or another, the issue with large-format printing is not resolved, then you can safely print all the templates on a regular printer ON A4 SHEETS.

Do you know the answer?

Many beginners often have a question: how to print large templates if there is only a regular A4 printer?

Everything is very simple! In our sets, large templates are divided into fragments that fit on A4 sheets.

The fragments are glued together according to the scheme, and then the finished decoration is cut out according to a solid template.


In more detail, our technology looks like this:


we print fragments of templates on sheets of ordinary office paper;


for convenience, the fragments in our files are limited to red frames; if you take, for example, 2 fragments of the template, cut off the edge of the sheet from one of them exactly along one side of the frame and glue it overlapping to the corresponding side of the other fragment, aligning the lines, you get a solid template; such composite templates can be composed of a different number of fragments;


cut off excess paper around a solid template and put the latter on a sheet of Whatman paper (or other selected paper);


we select the size of the elements so that any composite template fits entirely on an A1 sheet;


we attach the template to the Whatman paper with a stapler, placing paper clips outside the outer contour;


we cut out the decoration according to the template: first - the inner patterns, then - along the outer contour.

The result is a whole and neat window decoration!

Perhaps some moments are not very clear now. But everything will become clear after watching the video below.


Having cut out all the elements of the festive composition in this way, we proceed to the final stage.

They also use diluted kefir, starch paste (very thin).


Here we recommend a time-tested, very simple and convenient way - to attach jewelry to glass using small pieces of transparent tape.


Scotch tape on the window is almost invisible (from afar, for sure).


After the holiday, it can be easily removed and the decorations are not damaged.

But we know of other ways that vytynanka lovers use. Perhaps some of you will like some of these options:


glue it to the glass with a glue stick (but in this case, the decorations will definitely turn out to be disposable, although there were no mention of problems when removing them from the glass);


stick with a piece of soap slightly moistened with water (you can use both household and toilet soap with equal success); according to practitioners using this method, the decorations hold well, can be easily removed and may well be used repeatedly.

That, in fact, is all science.


The whole process of creating decorations and decorating windows with them is shown in the video.

✅ ❓

Surely, many of you have something to add to what has been written and shown, have some of your own chips and tricks. Write in the comments. This exchange of experience will be useful to everyone!

Ask questions and you will get comprehensive and varied answers to them. And some questions will serve as topics for new publications in our section

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How to cut and attach a Christmas tuck to a window

Author: Alla

The New Year is approaching and you need to think about decorating the room. They will help create a festive atmosphere.


You need to start preparing as early as possible, because you need to not only decorate the room, but also prepare gifts for loved ones, take care of the outfit, draw up a menu and many other pleasant troubles.

But in order not to spoil your holiday and not to prepare at the very last moment, you need to prepare the decorations in advance. Decorations for windows - vytynanka are popular. It is easy to make them at home with your own hands, moreover, it is not difficult to make them, and the positive charge that they give is incomparable.


Symbol of 2019

The history of the vytynanka begins in the 9th century in faraway China. At that time, paper was widely used for all kinds of crafts and decorations.

Various figures and lines were cut out of it with the help of a sharp knife, which were subsequently folded into a single whole. As a result, whole compositions of paper were obtained. They were delicate and looked original and beautiful.

Today they have not lost their relevance, but are mainly used to decorate homes on the eve of the New Year. They are used to decorate windows, mirrors, furniture and make volumetric compositions for decorating walls, shelves, chandeliers, window sills and, of course, Christmas trees.


Preparation for work

Before proceeding with the creation of protrusions, you need to prepare the following materials:

  1. White and colored sheets of paper. The denser they are, the easier it will be to work with them;
  2. Stationery knife and small nail scissors, but you can do with one pencil;
  3. Substrate. It is used for the convenience of work and to protect the working surface from unwanted damage. It can be wood, plastic or plywood;
  4. Stencils and templates for creating even and regular workpieces.


Technique "Carving"


  1. Choose the template you like on the Internet and print it in several copies;
  2. Determine the fragments in the drawings that need to be cut out and which ones should be left. In order not to get confused, the fragments that remain can be painted over with any color;
  3. You need to work exclusively on a cutting board so as not to scratch the table;
  4. Cutting out a drawing from a large stack of sheets is inconvenient, so you will need to print several of the same templates at once. It is enough to put 4-5 sheets, and on top of them fix the template around the perimeter with tape so that the sheets do not move to the side;
  5. You need to cut it strictly at a right angle, without tilt and stock, you do not need to press hard on the knife;
  6. It is more convenient to start cutting with small fragments, gradually moving to large ones;
  7. The outer contour is cut last;
  8. The finished vytynanka is removed from the remains of the paper.

The blanks are ready. Now they can be attached to windows and mirrors, or you can make a composition or three-dimensional figure.

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Fastening the vytynanka to the window

You can attach paper to the window in various ways, but remember that the holidays will end and they will have to be removed from the window. Therefore, you should not use glue that will firmly glue the craft to the window, so that you do not bother with removing it later. It is worth considering simpler mounting methods, but no less effective:

vyrezalki na okna k novomu 2019 godu 21 709x473

  1. With scotch tape. A few small pieces are enough to keep the vytynanka on the window. Both double-sided and regular transparent tape will do. You can get rid of marks on the window with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol;
  2. Regular soap. Soap is dipped in water and rubbed with it on the inside of the protruding side and immediately lean against the window. This method allows you to easily remove the tuck from the window without damaging it and use it for the next year, but it is enough to wipe the window with a damp cloth.


Now that the rule for making protrusions and methods for fixing it has been described in detail, you can start creating them.

In addition, you can ask the children for help, they will definitely like this idea. vytynanki-trafarety-na-okna-na-novyj-2019-god-5 chto-takoe-vytykanki-iz-bumagi-i-kak-snimi-rabotat-4 fit_930_519_false_crop_1019_573_0_127_244782_f76b86f32f

Few people know what vytynanka is, but in fact, everyone is familiar with this decorative technique, starting from early childhood. Vytynanka is a technology of openwork silhouette cutting, its name comes from the Ukrainian word "vytynaty", which means "cut out". The simplest example of work in this style is New Year's paper snowflakes that children glue on the windows. It is possible to cut vytnanki not only from white or colored paper: carved pictures from cardboard, foil, thin plastic or even starched fabric look elegant.


What is it - an overview of the technique

Ready-made vytynanka are used not only for New Year's decorations: openwork drawings can be used to decorate notebooks, postcards or albums (scrapbooking) or as independent pictures, if you stick them on paper or fabric in a contrasting color and frame them.

trafaret sviniya 2019 03

Large-sized protrusions can be used as carved napkins, tablecloths, or even decorative curtains, and openwork stencils made of thick cardboard will help transfer the pattern to furniture or even to the facades of buildings.


Vytynanka in folk style.

Before starting work, you should decide on the topic and style of work and choose a drawing. As a template, you can take ready-made pictures from the Internet, your own drawings or patterns for satin stitch embroidery. Vytynanka are:

  • flat, which are glued to windows or other surfaces;
  • with curved elements that create a 3D effect;
  • voluminous crafts or boxes that can be viewed from all sides.

Picture with fabulous motives.


Exquisite realistic work.

trafaret sviniya 2019 02

Using the vytynanka as a stencil.


Interesting vytynanka effects will delight and interest kids.

Step-by-step scheme of work:

  1. Choose paper of the right size (for beginners it is better to use ordinary office sheets - they are easier to cut than cardboard, foil or tracing paper).
  2. Select and print (or draw by hand) a template. You should not immediately take on a difficult job - it is better to try your hand at simpler schemes.
  3. Place the workpiece on the table with a special rug.
  4. Cut the protrusion start from small parts, then move on to larger ones, and cut off the outer contour last.
  5. It is best to hold the workpiece during work for those places that will then be cut off, so as not to leave dirty spots on the finished picture.


Although a properly cut classic cut should be done without the use of glue, beginners are welcome to carefully glue a piece that has been accidentally cut (or torn off).


Intricate openwork vytynanka are real works of art.

Required materials and tools for cutting

Before you cut out the cutouts from the paper, you need to prepare the cutting tool and the work surface. In order not to spoil the tabletop and get neat smooth cutting lines, you must put a base under the workpiece. It is most convenient to cut into:

  • a special self-healing rug;
  • thick cardboard;
  • a small sheet of plywood;
  • wooden backing (best of all - from linden);
  • glass cutting kitchen board.

trafaret sviniya 2019 01

There are professional sets for paper cutters on sale, which, in addition to the backing, also include various cutters and spare blades for them.

Options for how you can cut a vytynanka

It is convenient for many to cut out the vytynanka with a clerical knife, but besides it, there are no less practical tools:

  • wood cutter (small knife with a short beveled blade);
  • medical scalpel;
  • dummy knife (usually sold already complete with replaceable blades).

Each master chooses the best way to cut openwork pictures on his own, based on personal convenience and preferences.


Small flaws and inaccuracies that may appear when creating the first works are not a reason to get upset and throw away the picture. When viewed from a distance, small "flaws" will not be noticeable, moreover, the main thing is not the ideal quality, but the mood and atmosphere that the decoration evokes.

Video master class how to cut

Video master class on how to quickly and accurately cut a vytynanka:

Butterfly in the technique of vytynanka

Small details of the pattern are pushed out, making punctures.

The better to glue the protrusions to the surface or to the window

In order not to spoil the finished picture or the surface to which it will be attached, you need to think in advance on what to glue the protruding holes on windows or furniture (glass or other surfaces must be washed from dust or dirt and wiped dry before applying jewelry):

  • PVA glue - holds paper well and is invisible under its surface, but too liquid glue can soak and warp the small contours of the cut, besides, it will take a long time to wash its traces from glass or furniture.


It is better not to use PVA for complex openwork pictures.

  • The clerical glue stick does not leak or smudge, so it is easier to apply to paper crafts than PVA. In addition, it does not spoil the structure of the paper, but it is no less difficult to clean the traces from the stick than from the white glue.

Grandmother and grandfather in vytynanka technique, portrait

Stationery glue is the best option for creating postcards or pictures using the tuck technique, but it is not very suitable for decorating furniture or glass.

  • Scotch tape is the most affordable option that can hold even heavy compositions, but the adhesive tape is inconvenient to cut into small pieces (which can collect dust or fingerprints during the gluing process) and it will be visible on top of the finished work. Scotch marks can only be removed with alcohol, which can dissolve the paint or disrupt the surface structure.


Large compositions, which will be viewed from afar or from the back of the glass, can also be attached to tape.

  • Double-sided tape for needlework or room decoration with balloons (Do not confuse with mounting tape!) Can be bought in specialized stores, stationery, or even regular "Fix-Price". This is one of the best options for attaching paper crafts, its disadvantages include only the thickness of the fastening (the cut will not fit snugly against the wall) and the difficulty of cutting into very small pieces.

Vytynanka snowflake

Double-sided balloon tape is sold in both sheets and rolls.

  • Soap solution was previously used not to decorate windows, but to warm the room: with strips of paper moistened with it, they glued the cracks on the windows for the winter to get rid of drafts. The soap has excellent paper holding properties and is easily washed off the surface after the jewelry is removed.

Vytynanka on the window

The soapy solution can be applied with a sponge, or simply brush the tenderloin with a damp bar of soap.

  • Window cleaner is suitable for attaching light tissue paper clippings: you just need to lightly spray the back of the craft and apply it to the selected place on the glass.

Materials (edit)

Small elements will also be retained by regular window spray.

Before fixing the finished composition, it is worth trying in advance to glue a piece of similar paper using the selected method to make sure that the craft will not be damaged during the gluing process.

You should not glue the protrusions on wallpaper or objects made of untreated wood - it will be impossible to reduce traces of any adhesive. The only way to secure snowflakes or other openwork pictures on the wallpaper is with small tailor's pins (if there are no children or animals in the apartment that can unfasten them and get hurt).

Templates and ideas

Ready-made templates for vytynanki, for various occasions, which can only be printed and cut out of white or colored paper (or used as stencils).

Having learned what vytynanka is, you should definitely try your hand at this technique. Paper cutting is a budget hobby that allows you not only to relax and have a good time, but also to create exquisite crafts or interior decorations.

With the onset of the New Year, every house, as well as all institutions, are trying to cheer themselves up and everyone around them with traditional pre-holiday decorations. Indeed, long before the availability of plastic windows, the well-known "frost" with the onset of cold weather pleased us with its painted patterns, which were displayed on each glass. Today, many housewives are thinking about how to glue snowflakes and paper stencils on the window.

All this is due to the fact that now almost all houses have plastic windows that do not allow the "frost" to translate their masterpieces into reality. But to help the hostesses, ingenuity and imagination came that allow you to come up with paper snowflakes for the window. It is not difficult to glue them, and the result is impressive.

Each person tries to prepare as much as possible for the celebration of such a charming and beloved holiday as the New Year. Shops, schools, offices and any commercial establishments, that is, everyone dresses up in New Year's decorations. The most important elements, of which, are light and delicate snowflakes.

In the gardens, little children prepare various crafts related to the magical holiday. Many girls prepare a "dance of snowflakes" at New Year's parties, and, as a rule, their dresses are decorated with delicate and snow-white beauties-snowflakes, which are sometimes cut out of paper, but, as you know, they can decorate not only a dress, but also windows ...

Openwork fine products

Many people like to cut snowflakes from napkins. It is not difficult to do this, you can even use certain established schemes in the form of samples, but how to glue snowflakes on windows made of such a thin material is of concern to many. There are several options, but one of them is the most suitable for a wipe - this is the use of gel.

The gel is very easy to prepare. To do this, you can take white soap, which is sometimes used for washing. In a deep dish, you need to rub a small amount of soap and then immediately pour boiling water over it, stirring constantly. You will get a homogeneous white mass, which is called a gel.

After that, this glue is applied to the cut out snowflake neatly but quickly using a watercolor brush - gel and the snowflake is attached to the glass. It is done quickly because the material is very thin and instantly absorbs moisture. Some people apply the product not to the product, but directly to the glass, and the excess is removed with a piece of foam rubber or cloth.

If you don't have a watercolor brush, then you can use a foam sponge, which will easily help in gluing. Moreover, after drying, the gel does not leave any unpleasant stains, it is completely transparent, which is why it is convenient. Compared to, for example, double-sided tape.


Undoubtedly, such a tool ideally fixes the products on the glass, but it is problematic after removing them, because you have to make an effort to get rid of the unpleasant stains remaining on the glass. Moreover, chemical agents have to be used to remove such troubles, and this, as you know, is not always harmless.


Such a common tool is affordable and affordable. Moreover, the products are easily attached to the window and do not fall off, for example, from water. You can prepare this remedy at home. To do this, pour water into a prepared deep container of a small size, bring it to a boil and slowly pour flour so that no lumps form.

The consistency should not be liquid, it is better to make it thicker, and if necessary, easily dilute with water. Moreover, such a remedy is often prepared from milk, although there is not much difference. There are no hard-to-remove stains on the window after the paste. The entire composition can be easily removed with water.

In order to attach New Year's stencils, it is necessary to apply a small amount of the prepared composition to the product. You can do this with your finger or a watercolor brush. Do not apply too much of the mixture, because then when the snowflakes are pressed over the edges, excess will creep in.

After applying the paste, the figure needs to be lightly pressed down and, if necessary, smoothed. This must be done immediately, because such glue dries quickly and if this is not done, nothing can be fixed afterwards, unless you completely redo the work, because the pasted pattern will have to be thrown away.

Gluing should be done carefully. The snowflake is ironed with a hand or a soft cloth so that it is perfectly even and looks beautiful on the glass. But if, for example, a thin paper figure will be used, then you should not level it with your hand, because it is easy to tear such a product. It is better to use a cloth for this.

Soap solution

You can hang snowflakes on the window in the old way, which has been used for a very long time, namely, this soap solution. To do this, rub the reverse side of the product with soap moistened with water and fix it on the glass, slightly pressing down. Attached in this way, the template will hold well and will not fall off. It is easy to clean the window after soapy water, so many housewives choose this particular method of gluing delicate beauties.

There are many more secrets than sticking snowflakes. For example, some people use lip gloss or colorless lipstick, which is also great for fixing various items to the window pane.


It is not infrequently that various adhesive products help to stick images on windows, the number of which can be unlimited. For example, a glue stick that can be easily twisted out and can be used to apply a base for fastening.

Liquid stationery glue or water-soluble formulations that come in small tubes, you can also use a variety of factory adhesives. And, as practice shows, they are easily removed with plain water after removing the figures from the glasses.

How to glue paper snowflakes on the window and what is better to use is up to everyone for themselves. After all, someone is comfortable with one method, some are accustomed to another. The only caveat here is that it is better to use such adhesive base compositions, which are then easily removed.


We must not forget about such an invaluable assistant as toothpaste. Thanks to its composition, you can not only stick a variety of snowflakes, but also add various details to create a whole winter composition.

It should be noted that if you take a paste for gluing snowflakes, then white is best, because it does not have additional impurities. It is not uncommon for sparkles to be applied along the edges with a strip to such snowflakes, and then their silhouette shimmers beautifully in the sun.

What else can you glue Christmas paper decorations on? It turns out that nothing more than dishwashing detergent is a wonderful agent made from glue and its components. Many housewives have long been using this method to decorate their windows.

Paper crafts adhere remarkably to such a composition. Moreover, you do not need to prepare anything in advance. Such material is always at hand and ready to help. It is only necessary to pick up beautiful stencil samples and create a New Year's composition from them.

having finished decorating the house, we proceed to drawing up the menu for the New Year and start with



I want to decorate windows for the new year with vytynanki - figures cut out of paper. What is the best way to glue them so that they hold well and wash away from the window easily?



5 years ago

It is best to do this with household soap - thoroughly lather the surface of the stencil or vytynanka and glue it to the glass.

So you will easily get rid of the marks after the holiday without any problems - it will be enough just to wipe the place well with a wet rag.

And if you stick it with glue, a trace will remain, which will then have to be wiped off for a long time or removed with the help of chemicals.

the author of the question chose this answer as the best one mystery girl


4 years ago

I cut out the vytynanka for the last New Year. They look very festive on the windows. I glue them, like snowflakes, with scotch tape. In my opinion, it is faster than soap. They can be removed from me quite easily, but if you do it carefully, you can leave them for the next year. STELS



With regular soap. You can take an ordinary paint brush, or even a cosmetic one, you can even take a piece of foam rubber. We dip it in soapy water and apply to the vytynanka on one side. It is also better to wipe the glass before gluing.




Take a piece of toilet soap - wet your product well with water - also wet the soap well and run wet soap over your product from the wrong side and glue your product to the window.



2 years ago Much depends on what kind of paper the figures are made of. But, as a rule, a soap solution is more or less universal. I sometimes use liquid for cleaning windows at all. I spray the space on the window and attach the figurine. This is an option for thin paper. For a denser one - soap. For very heavy people - scotch tape.


As for soap, in some cases it is better to make a solution, moisten the glass with it and attach the product, and in some cases wipe the paper with a piece of paper and then stick it on. I use the second option for finer details. For large, respectively, the first. Then everything is removed easily. But, if you overdo it with soap, then you will have to wet the paper first, and then wipe it off.

dolfanica [366K]


Beautiful New Year's pictures cut from paper are called vytynanka. They look like snowflakes, which also decorate windows, but they are thinner, because the protrudings are much larger in size than snowflakes and are more difficult to glue. But glue on a regular soap solution. Now on sale white laundry soap, lather in water, less water, and lather more. And blot the vytynanka in soapy water and glue. If the paper allows, then we keep the soap in water for a minute and coat the vytynanka with soap and it will adhere perfectly to the window. Press the edges of the picture carefully so that they do not peel off. If the soap is still on top at the ends of the picture, then it will not be noticeable and will attach better.


Model knife, on paper


There are several options for solving this problem. You can dilute the usual paste, flour or starch is suitable for this. We dilute, then we smear after it cools down and stick it on. Such a solution is always easy to remove from the window later, you just need to soak it slightly and everything can be easily removed.


The second option is to use a bar of laundry soap, rub the back of the drawing with soap and glue the drawing to the glass. Then we just wet the drawing and it perfectly lags behind the window and then wash it well, there is a residue of soap on the glass. Do not use glue because it is difficult to remove and wash off. Laura777 [7.7K] By New Year and Christmas can decorate windows

  • New Year's eve ... Cut them out of white paper and glue them to the window - ordinary soapy water ... Very beautiful patterns on the windows are obtained.
I do not recommend liquid soap, it will not stick. You need to take laundry soap. Such figures will


hold on well

... And after the New Year holidays


wash the windows with warm water.



Cutting stencils, which have the name "vytynanka" on the window, are best glued with soap. I did this with a brush - I moistened the brush first with water, then lathered it and thus applied the soap to the vytynanka and glued it immediately to the window. You can also glue them with narrow tape, but then it will be difficult to peel off the tape.




The best option for gluing the lances to the glass is a soap solution. You just need to make a soapy solution, and then with the help of a brush and a sponge, anoint one side and attach the lance to the glass with the same side.